Monday, 27 February 2012

Best of British: Ayten Gasson

Lara Lemon bralet and knicker

So after my slightly ranty post on Mary Portas and her Kinky Knickers collection, I’ve decided that I’d be far more productive in actually showing off the British made brands that Toots & Booty love. This will be a weekly post and will feature a different brand each time until I run out of brands to talk about!
To kick us off, it seems logical to start with one of my favourite designers of the moment: Ayten Gasson. This luxury brand have already created a bit of a buzz recently after their blog post - concerned with the same British industry issue – retaliated to Portas’s sweeping “I’m turning the lights back on for British Manufacture” statements. The brand outlined that they too have been making British for years (and they’ve been doing it damn well too!).

Rebecca bralet and knicker

Ayten Mustafa set up Ayten Gasson in 2005 with the driven vision of creating lingerie that is made in the UK with British materials. Each Gasson piece is made up of the highest quality components: the lingerie ranges from Nottingham lace to organic silk, New England lace to peace silk and even peach cotton lace produced by Roger Watson (who made the lace for Princess Diana’s wedding dress). 

Let’s be honest though, as lovely as it all is making lingerie that is eco and british industry friendly and so on, it wouldn’t be quite as satisfying if the lingerie wasn’t pretty.
Luckily, Ayten Gasson is stunning.

The SS12 collection is available on the website. The collection is inspired by the nostalgia of vintage sweeties with gorgeous pastel colours mixed in with the daintiest lace.

- Booty

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