Sunday, 11 November 2012

The End of Toots & Booty

Ladies, Gentlemen, Lingerie Lovers, this evening we bring you some sad news.
As of tomorrow, we will no longer be blogging under Toots & Booty. Due to artistic differences and conflicts involving many a snapped suspender and a bruised bralet, Toots & Booty is no more.

Thank you for being with us through our short spell on the internet. Since early 2012 we have enjoyed blogging with and for you and have been overwhelmed by your love, support and response.
Booty will continue lingerie blogging over at her new place of residence – and you can still find Toots at her fashion blog –

If we don’t see you in either of those places, may your lives be full of joy, laughter and well-fitting bras.
Forever yours,
Toots & Booty / Rebecca & Chloe x

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Marios Schwab's Kallisti - His Debut Lingerie Line

The London-based fashion designer is set to launch his debut lingerie line with the help of ASOS which begins the launch this month. The collection consists of 40 pieces, 25 to be released this month exclusive to ASOS and the rest of the collection will drop in January.

Marios Schwab's designs are feminine and beautiful, and evidently the transformation from fashion design to lingerie design was smooth due to his fathers lingerie engineering expertise alongside his collections which are timeless and flattering to the female form. 

One of Marios Schwab's designs, very clearly lingerie inspired

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ways to Display Your Lingerie!

We all have those knickers and bras that we feel a little bit sad for when they get stuffed away in a drawer. They're just so beautiful! Especially when you have a gorgeous set that you might have grown out of or doesn't fit you and you just can't throw it away - these cute little display ideas are great for showing off those pieces you love and can't hide away, and it also injects a little bit of your lingerie addiction into your home.

1. On a Dress Stand

Monday, 29 October 2012

I'm in Love with Tallulah Love

'Dinner at the Ritz'
For a relatively new lingerie label - launched in January 2010 - Tallulah Love has a fair few achievements tucked under its belt (/suspender belt - too cheesy?). You don't get a 'Special Award for Success' (UK Trade and Investment) or a 'Newcomer of the Year' (North East Business Awards) for nothing, right? Well business-y awards don't mean an awful lot to me as a die-hard lingerie fanatic with next-to-no business knowledge but I do like a sassy newcomer. And Tallulah Love has definitely captured my attention.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Naughty Knickers Stocks Flirty French Brand, Maison Close

Another Saturday, another Kiss Me Deadly trunk show in the Marble Arch boutique. This time, I got up close and personal with French brand Maison Close. Up until recently Maison Close were pretty hard to come by in the UK but thanks to UK distributor and online lingerie boutique, Naughty Knickers, you can now purchase full Maison Close collections here in Britain.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

High Street V Luxury or Independent Lingerie Brands

For a long time I've been a great advocate for high street lingerie... think of me as the Gok Wan of the lingerie blog world (but really I'd rather you didn't). It's reasonably priced, okay quality for what you are paying for and also very fashionable. But what happens when the high street brands begin to "take inspiration" from our favourite lingerie brands, who put so much time into designing a garment?

ASOS Boudoir
Nearer The Moon

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Opinion - Why Don't We Talk About Lingerie for Guys?

You may remember our post back in May about male lingerie (read it here). Well, we're lucky enough to have a guest post all about undies for men from someone a lot more familiar with it than us. Today's post comes from Brent at Homme Mystere - a company that specialise in attractive, well-fitting lingerie for men. A big thank you to Brent and Christy for sharing with us their view on male lingerie and why it shouldn't be brushed under the carpet. We're big fans!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Toot's Birthday Lingerie Lust-List!

My 20th birthday is coming up this Saturday and I'm incredibly excited already! Spent the last few days gawking over pretty things that I will be able to buy once it comes round and unsurprisingly, most of this stuff is lingerie! No doubt on Saturday I will be dragging my poor (but very lovely) boyfriend around Harrods and Selfridges looking at luxury lingerie and possibly some lingerie boutiques if we get round to it! However, these are the pieces that have caught my eye lately and will possibly be treating myself to... Happy birthday me! Oh and I promise that after my birthday, any new and favourite pieces I've purchased will certainly be making an appearance on the blog!

Kiss Me Deadly Sirena Set

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Corset Brand, Ava Corsetry, Launch in London

BEWARE: Dodgy phone photos.

If you're a regular on the Kiss Me Deadly website, you've probably seen - or even purchased - corsets by Ava Corsetry and not even realised. With degrees and experience in fashion and period costuming, Danielle is the accomplished corset maker responsible for Kiss Me Deadly's corsets (which you can find here).
Now, as well as continuing her line of corsets for Toots & Booty's favourite UK lingerie brand, she has launched a brand of her own: Ava Corsetry.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside... Lingerie Winter Warmers

As gorgeous as bras and knickers are, in these cold winter months coming up (at least if you're on this side of the equator), it's just not possible to strut around your home in skimpy panties unless you have the central heating turned up full blast and no worry of a hefty gas bill! I know it's tempting to dig out that onesie from last winter and curl up with a cuppa but why sacrifice the glamour and feeling of gorgeous lingerie? Here are some perfect pieces to keep you cosy and feeling like a million dollars. (I might be telling a white lie here about these actually keeping you warm and I'm really just going for beautiful nightwear... but that can be our little secret!)


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