Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Corset Brand, Ava Corsetry, Launch in London

BEWARE: Dodgy phone photos.

If you're a regular on the Kiss Me Deadly website, you've probably seen - or even purchased - corsets by Ava Corsetry and not even realised. With degrees and experience in fashion and period costuming, Danielle is the accomplished corset maker responsible for Kiss Me Deadly's corsets (which you can find here).
Now, as well as continuing her line of corsets for Toots & Booty's favourite UK lingerie brand, she has launched a brand of her own: Ava Corsetry.

The brand made its debut boutique appearance in Kiss Me Deadly's Marylebone boutique last weekend and I was lucky enough to check out (and try on) some of these beautiful corsets.

Ava Corsets in the Kiss Me Deadly window
The first notable thing about all of the corsets is that they are surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear. They nip in at all the right places without causing the uncomfortable restriction that you'd associate with a cheaply made corset. Yes, corsets are designed to restrict but one sign of a well made corset, as Danielle very nicely put it, is that it should "feel like a hug" rather than digging in in areas it shouldn't or restricting the wrong parts of your body.

Booty in the duchess satin underbust with velvet trim

One of my personal favourites was the Duchess Satin underbust with velvet and diamante trim. The velvet trim accentuates an amazing waist reduction and generates a beautiful classic aesthetic. You can buy it on the Ava Etsy store here.
Corsets are also available to be custom made which is great because it means you get the exact reduction you want and the exact shape you want. Like a particular corset but want it in a different fabric? Like the shape of one underbust but prefer then length of another? You can essentially have your dream corset created just for you and your lovely unique body shape!

The Tempest Rose corset for Kiss Me Deadly
I can't wait to see more from Ava Corsetry and if I were you, I'd order my corset from Danielle now before she takes over the world.


Ava Corsetry on Etsy
Ava Corsetry on Twitter
Ava Corsetry on Facebook
Ava Corsets for Kiss Me Deadly

- Booty x

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