Saturday, 20 October 2012

Opinion - Why Don't We Talk About Lingerie for Guys?

You may remember our post back in May about male lingerie (read it here). Well, we're lucky enough to have a guest post all about undies for men from someone a lot more familiar with it than us. Today's post comes from Brent at Homme Mystere - a company that specialise in attractive, well-fitting lingerie for men. A big thank you to Brent and Christy for sharing with us their view on male lingerie and why it shouldn't be brushed under the carpet. We're big fans!

Despite the fact that most of us live in a free, democratic society, where individual choices such as clothing are not dictated by authorities or government bodies, most of us do not exercise that right.  While women have an exceptionally broad choice of clothing options from shorts and pants to dresses and skirts to singlets and dress shirts, guys are socially restricted to a narrow range of clothing options.  For example, a woman could comfortably turn up in an office environment, an outdoor working environment or a nightclub wearing a singlet combined with a matching outfit. A guy would be ridiculed in an office, turned away from a nightclub and be accepted by peers in an outdoor environment only if his singlet was of the correct style and colour.

For us guys, clothing generally means conformance or ostracism.

Underwear provides an opportunity to break with social conventions.  We can appear to be conformist on the outside, while daring to wear something we actually find comfortable and makes us feel sexy underneath our clothing.  Yes, that’s right.  Guys that wear nice lingerie wear it for the same reasons many women wear nice lingerie.  Because it makes us feel great.  And sexy.  And daring. And brave.  Because in our own way, against all the conventions of society, contrary to how we 'should' appear to our friends and family, we are doing something we want to do.

Buying lingerie isn’t just about how the lingerie looks.  More importantly, it’s about how it makes the person feel.  The advent of the internet has made guys around the world realise that they’re not alone in their love of lingerie.  And it is slowly gaining acceptance around the world.  The more we speak about guys wearing lingerie and the more we cater to those guys that love wearing the lingerie, the more socially acceptable men’s lingerie will become.

To understand where men’s lingerie is going, consider changes in the market for beauty products over the past 25 years.  In the late eighties, it was virtually unheard of for a guy to be using a face scrub or cleansing creams.  Companies were only interested in the market for women and guys that also used those products certainly didn’t talk about it to their friends.  These days, there is an ever growing range of beauty products for guys.  Guys will even talk about a particular brand or product they like – with other guys! 

HommeMystere recognize that.  We know there is a large section of the community that want to wear nice lingerie, and we are producing a product to meet that need.  We are saying to all the guys out there “It’s ok”.  We understand what you want, why you want it, and how you want it.  We are a business that is making garments specifically for you, and we want you to know that for us, it’s normal for a guy to buy a bra and knickers that fit and look great.

Lingerie for men will go the same way.  Our company and more importantly, our ever growing group of loyal customers around the world, are making it happen.  
One pair of sexy knickers at a time…


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  1. I think more men actually wear lingerie than we think, many see it as a taboo and are likely to take there girlfriends while they are out or they see it more as a sexual thing and my masterbate whislt wearing lingerie. For others it is a comfort thing, for me it is anyway... I feel more comfortable in a thong and bra than I do in boxers or breifs, I think many men shy away from it because it is classed as "wrong" maybe and fear they may be judged by this. In the comfort of my home I am free to dress how I want but out in the world we seem to stick to the everyday norm, but like you said women get a lot more to chose from. If more places did sell male lingerie I would buy it, its hard walking past a shop seeing all the items women can buy but not men and if a guy did buy womens underwear for himself how would that be seen by everyone else??



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