Friday, 26 October 2012

Naughty Knickers Stocks Flirty French Brand, Maison Close

Another Saturday, another Kiss Me Deadly trunk show in the Marble Arch boutique. This time, I got up close and personal with French brand Maison Close. Up until recently Maison Close were pretty hard to come by in the UK but thanks to UK distributor and online lingerie boutique, Naughty Knickers, you can now purchase full Maison Close collections here in Britain.

Maison Close are defined by an eclectic mix of eroticism and fashion - A collection of boudoir accessories and 'special occasion' lingerie mingled with sensual twists on everyday pieces and a whole lot of body jewellery. The label are very well priced for luxury lingerie with the cheapest bra at £26.90 and the most expensive just skimming £80.

I tried on a couple of the most eye-catching pieces and found that they mixed very nicely with some of the Kiss Me Deadly stock. Not only that, Maison Close lingerie feels very well made with interesting cuts, shapes and some really beautiful fabrics. The catsuits in particular are so comfortable they feel more like lounge-wear than erotic-wear. Everything I tried on generated a really fun and playful mood. So much so that I started whipping a flamingo with a rhinestone riding crop...

'Paris Voltaire' Waist Cincher/Kiss Me Deadly Red Sirena/WKD stockings

'Belle de Nuit' Bra/KMD Vargas Longline Girdle

'Rue des Demoiselles' Catsuit/Rhinestone Crop/'Les Sublime' Eyemask/KMD Red Sirena

Here are some of my top picks from the Naughty Knickers website that I didn't get to try on.

Feerie Precieuse push up
Soie Cherie shorty
Rue des Desmoiselles bodysuit
Pavillion Bellevue bodice

- Booty x

Kiss Me Deadly Boutique
Naughty Knickers - Maison Close

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  1. biiiig fan of Maison Close!! I discovered their very naughty collections on a few months ago.



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