Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Marios Schwab's Kallisti - His Debut Lingerie Line

The London-based fashion designer is set to launch his debut lingerie line with the help of ASOS which begins the launch this month. The collection consists of 40 pieces, 25 to be released this month exclusive to ASOS and the rest of the collection will drop in January.

Marios Schwab's designs are feminine and beautiful, and evidently the transformation from fashion design to lingerie design was smooth due to his fathers lingerie engineering expertise alongside his collections which are timeless and flattering to the female form. 

One of Marios Schwab's designs, very clearly lingerie inspired

“Fusing the element of undergarments and the world that is hidden beneath clothes is a continuous inspiration behind the designs I create at Marios Schwab, the detailing that goes within garments and craft involved is something I have been surrounded by since a young boy looking at the work my Dad would bring home. These elements later became integrated within the philosophy of ready to wear garments whilst the surface becomes tributes to what is hidden beneath,” said Schwab

I don't know about anyone else but as someone who has been a fan of his designs for some time I'm so very excited to see what else is to come of this collection! A whole 40 pieces is a lot to choose from - I'm hoping they will be quite affordable! I personally love the spider-web set, it is absolutely stunning.

Keep checking the ASOS website this month for more news on the collection!

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