Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lingerie Update: So what have we missed?

Good afternoon lovelies! It's great to be back after a frightful couple of weeks of university assignments and general essay hell! We hope you haven't missed us too much ;)
The lingerie world is as fast-paced as any sector of fashion and we've missed a lot. So here's a little recap of what has caught my eye during sneaky lingerie-based procrastination sessions.

First off, Kriss Soonik has been less than kind to this poor little cash-strapped student as these gorgeous new pieces are set to be released on the website very soon. The Lotta suspender top is being especially evil as I'm pretty sure if I hold my ear close enough to the computer screen it's just whispering "buyyyy meee". Alas, I must buy books! So thanks for the (stunning) temptation, Kriss Soonik!

Lotta Suspender Top
Next up, What Katie Did is causing a stir as Katie goes Jubilee crazy and I must admit, I'd be singing 'God Save The Queen' with much more enthusiasm in these beauties. (Also, if you missed the corset flash sale, I feel your pain.)
Top Left - Jubilee Lingerie, Top Right - Jubilee Corset and Bottom - More beautiful corsets
Speaking of retro lingerie, The Lingerie Addict posted THE most comprehensive and instructive garter/suspender belt guide. I'm very strict about my suspender belt shopping and I've always considered six straps and metal clips a must-have, but did you realise the importance of a wide front panel? I didn't!
Watch that video (featuring Kiss Me Deadly's Candy belt) here.

Kiss Me Deadly - Candy
If you've been lusting over Kiss Me Deadly's Amelie as much as I have, you'll enjoy Miss Leigh's (of Hepburn and Leigh) review on the new set. Read that here. I've been working in the Kiss Me Deadly/Paolita boutique so I managed to get this dodgy phone camera close-up of Amelie. Trust me, it's just as hypnotising in real life.

Bordelle have gone all Madonna with this fab modern day take on a Jean Paul Gaultier classic.

The Daphne conical body has been produced exclusively for Oxfam's 'Big Bra Hunt' and 15% of purchases will go towards Oxfam's campaign for aid for Senegalese women living in poverty. Lingerie for a good cause - I love it.

The Murmur Marshmallow harness (which I love love love) has been snapped alongside Playful Promises's Jasmine bra (my favourite possession at the moment).

Ayten Gasson have a sexy new gift set entitled "The Lover's Gift Box" and it features the cutest skirted knicker, a matching eyemask and super flirty handcuffs. Kinky!

Ayten Gasson - Lover's Gift Box

Here are some very eye-catching brands I've just come across. In order of appearance: SALUA lingerie (Now available at Faire Frou Frou) - beautiful loungerie in graceful cottons and laces & Lui.Jo underwear - gorgeous feminine, seductive pieces in an abundance of ribbons, crystals, ruches and lace.



Oh, and we missed Bettie Page's birthday (I'm sorry baby). Even if we're very late, she is such a constant source of inspiration to me that I just have to wish the late and great Bettie my little tribute.

You were and are an icon and you will forever have a
place on over-sized canvas above my bed. xx

So that's my speedy update on the news in lingerie (or the bits I liked most anyway) and Toots and I will be back on track very very soon!

- Booty

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  1. That Bordelle body is insane! If only I had £450!

    1. I know, it's so stunning isn't it? You could seek some solace in knowing that some of the money would be going to charity? But then again, it may be more cost effective (but less beautiful) to just buy something from oxfam.
      - B

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you liked it. :)

    1. No problemo, there should be more instructive videos like that out there. You really know your stuff and that's a great source of inspiration for people who just don't know this kind of thing and, 9 times out of 10, end up getting ripped off. xx



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