Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pretty Pasties!

Illustration by Saffron Wiehl
I really love pasties, they are an essential staple in any burlesque-lovers knicker drawer! Whether you want to wear them on stage, in the bedroom or underneath a sheer shirt they are perfect little tools for the big reveal! Sequinned, sparkly or simply shimmering there's a pastie set to suit everyone! Whether you're a showgirl, a love bird, or a lover of leather, pasties can bring your lingerie ensemble together, not to mention the fact that they function perfectly with cupless bras! Also I had a good giggle at some of the most outlandish nipple-wear out there...

Simple and Sweet - Agent Provocateur £35
These black sequinned pasties with pale pink tassels are perfectly pretty and not too overbearing for the first-time pastie wearer! Would look lovely paired with an open-cup black or pale pink bra, such as Lascivious' Kitty Ivory Cupless Bra.

Bondage Babes - Bordelle £55
If you want to make a statement in the bedroom look no further, imagine what you could attach to those rings! You might wanna invest in some extra strong pastie glue... These will go with any of Bordelle's harnesses or cupless bras.

Hello Kitty Lovers - ???
Okay, I have no idea where these are from but they made me laugh, who knew that a childhood character would make great nipplewear. It's not like anyone has made Hello Kitty sex toys or anything... Oh wait. But if you're desperate for some cutesy cartoon character to be adorned on your nipples (no need to lie to yourself, you know you want to) then calm down, and head to Etsy where anything is possible. Next it will be Teletubbies.

Luxury Nipple Tassels - Kiss Me Quick on Etsy $75AUD
These beautiful one of a kind pasties are to die for! I love the little adornments like the lace and pearls on the iridescent silk! For some reason these make me feel like wearing them would be like being a feisty Lady of the Manor or something.

Love Birds - Ophelia Fancy £28
Cute pink sparkly hearts and black tassels for your lover! Maybe for "date night" save some cash and cook dinner in these and your favourite black knickers - don't cook anything that might splash hot liquid however, maybe baking is a lot sexier than 3rd degree burns on your boobs! Mmm.... cake.

Something else to remind you of your childhood on your nipples - Nightly Allure on Etsy - $30USD
 Yep but definitely much cooler than Hello Kitty and how could anyone resist them Pokeballs. There's no better way to say ohhhhhhhhhh you're my best friend than with these Pokemon themed pasties.

- Toots

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