Monday, 2 July 2012

Playful Promises and Kaori's Latex Dreams - Fashion Forward Latex

Latex in fashion terms is generally something that most would relate to fetish wear. It is a material that connotes at mystery, the exotic, the erotic and especially, the expensive. While we do see a vastly growing number of latex based retailers nowadays, it is rarely everyday wear - not something the average person just has floating about in their wardrobe.
Now thanks to an exciting new collaboration featuring London-based lingerie brand, Playful Promises and latex designer, Kaori Matsubara, latex has been given a brand new affordability and attainablity.

So far, this limited edition mini-collection features some adorable pasties, a statement hair fascinator and a pair of ultra-kinky fingerless gloves, with more to arrive soon. Each piece has been handmade beautifully in the UK using high quality latex and we think it's beyond cool.

The detail of the rose petals in the fascinator is just one example of master craftsmanship, the contrasting colours ensure that these are real statement pieces and, more than anything, this is the perfect starting point for a beginner latex wearer! This clever duo have managed to create something that makes latex fun, exciting and really approachable.

Playful Promises and Kaori's Latex Dreams show us a sophisticated way of wearing latex and when I say wearing I mean really wearing because these pieces are not designed to be hidden!
We cannot wait to see more.

Playful Promises 
Kaori's Latex Dreams
The collection

- Booty x

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