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New Agent Provocateur - Do we show our true selves through lingerie?

Agent Provocateur - Whitney
It's a fabulous time in the world of lingerie right now as more and more designers are releasing their Autumn/Winter collections to the public. Agent Provocateur have just released their AW12 campaign complete with the usual raunchy video accompaniment. As ever, AP's collection is dark, sexy and fashion forward with some really exquisite pieces. What really captured my imagination is the campaign's tagline - "Show Your True Self".


According to Agent Provocateur, "Set in Victorian London, the campaign tells the story of an enigmatic woman whose true Agent Provocateur spirit is revealed by a magical camera. Her inner sensuality is unveiled, and she mesmerizes and bewitches." The idea of a veiled sensuality that emerges through lingerie isn't very innovative or interesting but I do wonder if there is more to it.

Lingerie is a very directional and appreciated segment of the fashion industry now and there are certainly a lot of lingerie appreciation blogs on the internet (hi!). It seems likely that this is due to the way that lingerie makes people feel. From personal experience, lingerie is a form of expression just as other fashion is. For me, this is elevated by the power of knowing that under whatever garment I'm wearing is something beautiful and secret to everyone but me (and Handsome Boy).

Naturally, a real lingerie fan will ensure that what they buy and wear is in keeping with how they'd like to present themselves and is flattering and consistent with their body shape. A lot of care and attention goes into this selection process because, well, you're shopping for your most intimate areas! More than that, lingerie is a sexual, sensual thing and so you want it look sexual and sensual on you. I fully agree that women feel their sexiest when they are confident and at peace with themselves.

Not only that, when lingerie is doing it's correct job (i.e. it fits properly) you'll be surprised at the change in your normal garments. Take a girdle for example, wear a skin tight dress without one and you'll spend the day feeling insecure about panty lines and er..wobbly bits. Paired with some kick-arse shapewear, that dress will make you look and feel amazing.

Showing your true self may or may not be about releasing your "inner goddess" or channelling your "veiled sensuality". Things aren't that one-dimensional. However, you can count on good lingerie to make you feel confident and comfortable. That's good enough for us.

Shop the new Agent Provocateur collection here.
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