Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Brand Love: Belle Et Bon Bon

As I was flicking through an old Vogue magazine looking for some fashion inspiration for my new little "Fashion Inspiration Journal" (a cute little book with photos from magazines to inspire me perhaps for a future outfit or to help inspire me for fashion oriented projects) and I always have a quick scan through the back sections of the advertisements and I stumbled across Belle Et Bon Bon. The name rang a "Belle" but I wasn't entirely sure where I'd seen it before and I really knew nothing about it (hopefully this isn't a huge lingerie faux-pas, although I have just realised now that they collaborated with Lascivious last year), so after jotting the name down I got round to checking out their website and I am truly blown away!

I've been gushing over their AW12 collection, it is absolutely phenomenal and I'm kicking myself for not having checked them out earlier. Imagine a slightly cheaper Agent Provocateur with a dash of La Perla but with the same exquisite design and sensuality for less dosh. I particularly love this above bodysuit in the most intricate white lace with little soft ruffles on the thighs and deep deep neckline.

Why does this feel ever so feline to me?! I love this teeny tiny butt-skimming nightie in again the most stunning lace and interesting folds at the front, and with a matching lace mask to top it off! If there was a super-heroine who had a love for lingerie as strong as Booty and I's, she would probably wear this.

A cheeky one! I love mesh bodysuits, they scream sex but with stunning details like that embellished "V" they are even more fabulous. Aside from the "vajazzled" (if you don't know what that is look it up tee-hee... not at work!) body I also love the mini cap sleeves which make it even more unusual.

This is definitely one I could not keep underneath my clothing!!! I've become a bit of a joke at work because I tend to wear undies as tops (lingerie as outerwear represent), but who cares when it's this beautiful! I love all of the details on this such as the seams and small ruffles with the black and white striped fabric.

I kinda want to cry over this one because it's so stunning, a very gorgeous nod to vintage-style lingerie with modern fabrics that are to die for. I really quite like the way it's been cinched in like that but without any actual boning support so you can have that stunning waist without having the discomfort (some might find, not all!) of boning or being "held in".

These are a couple of past pieces that also caught my eye and I had to share them!

I love this fringed set! So cute I would just shake my booty and my boobies all day long to get those tassels swinging.

Sorry for using a mannequin photo but the lookbook photo didn't show the set as well as it could have! I love this cute retro-style silky set, I think those shorts would be so comfortable but so sexy too!

Check out Belle Et Bon Bon at their website (ooh, did I also mention they are a British brand, all made in England? Go Brits!) and if you'd like to buy then you'll have to pop into your nearest boutique that stocks Belle Et Bon Bon:

The Lingerie Collective (London)
Bordello (London)
Truelove Boutique (Barnes)
Prohibido Lingerie (Cambridge + London)
Coco De Mer (London)
Guilt Lingerie (Chichester)

Or alternatively Glamourous Amorous have a good selection of their lingerie.

Toots xox

PS. I have to apologise for my lack of posts! Everything has been absolutely insane for me right now trying to have a full time job, use a broken laptop, and begin university! Next week this will all have been settled hopefully so expect a lot more from me!!

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