Saturday, 31 March 2012

Guest Bloggers: The Insignificant Others

Dear regular readers, we have agreed to allow the men in our lives to guest blog and share their views on some of the most widely debated lingerie questions. And for this, I apologise - Booty

(L-R) Boots & Salutey

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are the brawn behind the brains of Toots and Booty, Boots and Salutey and whilst we both usually stick to whiskey and football we have been summoned from our masculine stupors to attempt to give some insight into the world of lingerie. We are going to try and answer what men want when it comes to questions regarding what’s better, skimpy or concealed, is red the sexiest colour, thongs or big knickers and expensive or reasonably priced?

When it comes to the argument of whether skimpy lingerie is better than concealing yourself with silks and mesh I'm of the opinion that although pieces like this bra from Ann Summers might be to some gentleman's taste a lot of the fun of lingerie is what it doesn’t show off.
Kriss Soonik’s Diana Patent Wrap is a perfect example of this. With the bow detail and flowing velour its the perfect foil for something lacy underneath, or nothing at all! - Salutey

Kriss Soonik
 OK now the more manly of the blogging fellows joins the fray, and the question of sport is: Is red the sexiest of colours. Now in my opinion as sexy as a red pair of knickers can be - and they can really spice up an outfit which is dominated by black - I believe that red is not the sexiest of all colours. Not to say that my word is law or even to state that I alone know the secret blend of colours that make up the most arousing and sensual of outfits, I just don't understand why red is so raunchy! I mean to say that sometimes the purest of whites can really make a woman a goddess in a guys eyes. Like this:
Made by Niki.

My argument is, guys might be bull headed but to the point of going crazy at the sight or red? I must disagree. - Boots.

Forget him, I'm the manliest. But in all seriousness, thongs or big knickers? My preference is without doubt big knickers, high waisted, deep cut, whatever. I guess this ties in with my preference for lingerie that gives more coverage than exposure. Whilst some thongs with nice detailing can be sexy like this one it doesn't hold a candle to these.

What Katie Did.
Feel free to expose your bums ladies, but if you're gonna go with a thong, I'd just forget pants altogether! - Salutey.

Now that the more interesting of the two of us is once again at the helm, we continue on a journey into the male inner psyche with the question: does he notice the price of my lingerie?! Well I must begin this with at once tackling a common misconception which is that men don't notice. We do indeed notice especially when it comes to a lady's undergarments. Now that's not to say that women with a budget need not bother with a love and pursuit of sexy undies. If lingerie was only costly then why would there be an entire market out there for those of you who can't remortgage every time you want a new pair of panties? Now women can pull off absolutely anything and that's the glory of all of us being different so don't get majorly bogged down in the price tags. - Boots

Pulling it off (£222)
Pulling it off (£42)
That's all he wrote.
Boots and Salutey.


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  2. Thank you Kendras, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! xxx

  3. HAAA, you guys are hilarious!

    1. Hahaha they're great, I think it's time we persuade them to do another post :D



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