Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gingham Obsessed!

Brigitte Bardot on her wedding day, wearing a pink gingham dress

Okay, so I am totally gingham obsessed at the moment. I think my love for gingham started out seeing Brigitte Bardot in a book I had called "Classics of Fashion" wearing a pink gingham dress in Petroleum Girls. I idolize her in every way, still to this day. Her pink gingham wedding dress was iconic and many girls brought that famous picture in to their dressmakers to make an exact replica. She wore her hair loose and wild, and eye-liner rimming her eyes. She was the ultimate sex kitten, and she is positively everything I want to be! Every summer I seek out a gingham swimsuit, and I finally got it yesterday! So to celebrate, my pick of gingham lingerie is right here in place of my usual "How to wear" post (partially because I've ran out of items to talk about, any suggestions are welcome!)

Gingham lingerie

 1. Lilly Wiggler set

I saw this set a while ago in an editorial photograph and I've wondered for so long where it was from, I just assumed it would be a designer brand of some sort so I kind of forgot about it until I looked on the ever so wonderful (and sometimes strange) Etsy! This longline "Summer Girl" bra is £65 and the high waisted knickers are £45. I love the retro style they have to them, and the set is also available without high waisted knickers and in different colour gingham such as yellow, black, aqua, pink, dark blue, green, purple and light blue, so you can have whatever colour suits you best!

2. Topshop knickers

I love these little cuties! I'm just upset that they don't come with matching bras! They are only £4 each, and with the 3 for £10 deal you can save a couple of quid on these by getting all three! Well you can always get different pairs but... well if you're anything like me you want all of the gingham! These are also mini so they are still cute and sexy, and one of them comes in a thong style too for those who like more cheek!

3. Miss Crofton set

This set is made from both gingham and mesh which shows off your best assets (T and A). The bra ties at the back which I love! This looks really cute if you're wearing a backless dress instead of wearing one of those annoying stick on bras! They also have a velvet "tailored bow" to complete the look. The whole set is a bargain for £55 only! It's a cute update on a retro look.

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