Tuesday, 27 March 2012

High Street Pick of the Week: Marks & Spencer

I know, I know; the words "Marks and Sparks" prompt us to imagine our lovely grandma's big Bridget Jones-style knickers hanging out on the spinning washing line, next to grandpa's long john's. However, M&S are well known and praised for their quality in all areas, considered luxury by most other supermarket standards however is actually incredibly well-priced and affordable. They also advocate the latest buzzword, "British-Made", and have a range of fully British manufactured tights which includes very low-priced stockings and hosiery, and yes, this includes seamed tights! As someone who buys most of their hosiery at M&S I know for a fact that they are long-lasting and well fitting (no baggy knees here). Another brilliant thing about Marks and Sparks is their range of lingerie. They cater for all sizes, and even have specific collections for girls "first bras" (do you remember your first? Mine was from this range, incredible!), Bridal lingerie, maternity, DD+, and even post surgery bras, which are pretty but still give the support you need for your new boobs! They do pay very special attention to their lingerie and have great advisers in-store who can help with sizing you and finding a bra right for you. And for men who want to buy their wife/girlfriend/mistress/secretary/sister(?)/mother(?) a bra and are absolutely clueless, they even have a section for you! And not to worry international babes, they ship to 80 different countries.


This set is setting us up for spring for sure! I love the delicate flower print in a very subtle watercolour way. The blues, pinks, and yellow are only just hinted which makes this all the more sweet. The bra is such a nice shape - I love bras that look like this with lace trimming! This set is so fresh and definitely worth stripping down to for a cheeky dip in the lake this spring! And only £23.50 for the set!

Now for more vavavoom! This set is for DD+ sizes but they also do the exact same set for those who are less endowed! This set shows that you do not have to sacrifice style for function, as it gives the support you busty babies need! This set offers modern glamour to all sizes. The rich red silk and black lace is made to get hearts racing. Vintage sex appeal for the contemporary femme fatale!

Enhance your assets with this beautiful set! The colour is quite unusual, a green yellow colour with cream coloured lace. On paper it sounds a bit odd, but on body it looks amazing! I think this would compliment warmer toned skin perfectly too, and would look amazing against a summer tan! Straps are also removable so it doubles as a strapless bra! Only £37.50 for the set!

I think that this is my favourite from the Marks&Spencer collection! I love this pastel yellow colour, and again another set that would look great on warm toned skin. It is made of chiffon which has teeny tiny little yellow spots which look so adorable! White lace trimming also enhances the look. Definitely another Easter egg from M&S, for £23.50!

For the burlesque baby! Glamour and vintage style rolled into one in this set. I love the stitch detail on the cups of the bra, along with the rich purple silk against the pink lace! I can totally imagine this with matching fans! And at only £27 you can splash out on accessories ;)

- Toots

All Pictures Credited to www.marksandspencer.com

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