Thursday, 22 March 2012

How To Dress Up Your Lingerie: Bodies!

There is something so elegant about the bodysuit - maybe it's because it reminds us of our old dance classes with white tights and cute little ballet shoes! The thing about the one-piece is that not only is it stylish and sexy, it also helps to give you a streamlined effect and won't come untucked if you're wearing it underneath something, unlike other shirts! As underwear it is entirely sexy - just one item of clothing to take off and bare all! And with all over mesh and lace designs it's super sexy to see the slightly covered up sexy bits whilst also leaving your partner wanting to rip it off you! But bodysuits becoming more and more popular, there are many available which you can wear as both underwear and outerwear! It has been so hard picking just three of my favourites! As usual I will include both designer/luxury brands and high street brands!

ditzy floral
This ditzy floral body from Topshop (£25) has got me all excited for spring!! It looks so light and comfortable and has a retro swimsuit feel to it.The little wooden buttons are adorable as well as the broderie cups. The sides are also in white mesh for extra stretch if you need it! For this I thought hippie-chic-meets-internet-shopping (ha-ha) and thought this double-slip maxi chiffon skirt from Miss Selfridge (£37) would be perfect for those days which aren't quite warm enough to bare all legs but with the slits shows off a little. But if you want something shorter, I love this tutu-layered skirt from Topshop (£34) to carry on that cute ditzy vibe. I like this tan belt to go with it too to break up the pale colours (Dorothy Perkins - Only £3!). For shoes I thought strappy would be a good move but you could always wear closed toe shoes such as plimsolls if you don't want to go without stockings or tights! I love these turquiose sandals from John Lewis and at only £25 they're a pretty sweet deal! But if height is what you're looking for, these stunning Gianvito Rossi wedges are fab (but at £524 you might wanna put away your purse), however there are many high street shops that will produce similar designs. This little rucksack is perfect for keeping your suncream in and picnic bits and bobs and is from ALDO (but however is out of stock so I would recommend browsing your local charity shop for similar styles or ASOS!) Dress it all up with matching Barry M nail varnish and cute lil studs.

black Christ 
Hard as I try, I can never get away from all black goth looks! This Simon Preen "Black Christ" body  is absolutely amazing! I love how the cross covers all the sexy parts of the body and leaves the rest on show (take thee to a nunnery!) and made in power mesh and jersey. There is only one way I could go for this look and that is glam goth (I don't know if this is a thing or I just made it up but if I did I called it!!). I didn't want to ruin the whole shape of the body too much so I chose these black knicker style shorts with faux leather panels from Desire Clothing (£10) (which is not actually in stock right now - boo hoo! There are similar styles however without the leather panels!). I think shoes are very very important to this outfit! I have chosen super punk-as-fuck statement shoes! Lita's are fabulous and these spiked ones are even more so (£120). But if you prefer flats then these Hellraiser shoes by UNIF are perfect (£105)! They also come with gold spikes or in bright pink! Although you can buy similar with shorter spikes at Topshop. I think to top it all off this Lulu Guinness Bag (£475) is wicked! But when things like these break the bank, you can always buy studs and stud your own bag! Lots of eyeliner and ultimately confidence will pull off this look to a T!

I was so excited to find something this cute and bright! I love this Eloise Fluro/White body by Dirty Pretty Things (£115). It's such a gorgeous bright colour which makes a change in lingerie sometimes! I also love the placement of the binding! I got a little more excited about the fact that it's officially spring which explains these fluro-bright colours! I love these high waisted "peppermint" topshop jeans for £40 - They have a fabulous fit as I have had these in a different colour! They would look amazing against the bright pink of the body! I thought to myself... why not more pink? (Think Pink! Think Pink! When you shop for summer clothes...). These wedges are so damn fabulous at only £29 I might just have to go out and buy some! I liked them because they are like more grown up jelly shoes (forever in woe of the day that I lost my jelly shoe in the sea... told everyone a shark took them). And speaking of jelly shoes - Melissa is the master of jelly shoes! These are a collaboration with good old Vivienne Westwood, and they are so cute especially if these jeans were rolled up a little to the ankles! Another thing about Melissa shoes is that the smell amazing. I'm not joking - go into a boutique or one of the big Topshop's that stock them and sniff them. It's weird but hey. I have Melissa flip flops and have had them for about 2 years, and they still smell nice! Anyway getting a little carried away with smelly shoes... These VW studs are also very cute and girly and go perfectly with the outfit!

So my darlings, invest in a body!

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