Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Best of British: Power to the Panty Wearer!

Who Made Your Pants? - Ethically made & British made fabulous knickers!

This week I've been absolutely amazed by lingerie brand, Who Made Your Pants? and cannot think of a better example of everything a 'Best of British' brand should represent!
Welsh Green - Who Made Your Pants?

While you and I may be worrying about the finer things in life like where the money for our next bra splurge will come from or what to have for lunch, Who Made Your Pants? tackle the real nitty gritty issues of lingerie design and manufacture. Some of the top issues on their list are: From where do we source our fabrics? How can we run our company ethically? And, perhaps more importantly, how do we know that our knickers come from a good place?

Lucky Heather - Who Made Your Pants?

So, what do they do?
WMYP buy unused fabrics from larger underwear companies to ensure that no fabrics go to waste. They employ women who have had a difficult time to work in their factory and provide excellent opportunities for these women to grow and flourish within the business. They offer training, support and advice to their employees and, when an employee has passed a probationary period, they provide the opportunity for them to apply to become a member of the WMYP co-op (meaning a say in how everything is run and a share in profits further down the line).

Midsummer Mint - Who Made Your Pants?

Another great thing that the brand do is stamp their swing tags with the date your pants were made. You can then go onto the website, type in the date, and find out exactly who made your pants that day!
The pants are adorable! They're designed not only to be gorgeous but to be comfortable too! They sit flat under clothing with no visible panty line and come in the daintiest of laces in the prettiest of colours.

Elephant Free Ivory - Who Made Your Pants?

So, think British and think ethics and get yourself a pair of Who Made Your Pants? pants!
(I'd recommend Welsh Green and Lucky Heather)

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Who Made Your Pants? website
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- Booty

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