Tuesday, 20 March 2012

High Street Pick of the Week: ASOS

Okay, so I know strictly speaking ASOS is not a "high street brand" in definition, but with most of us these days saving time and money online this easily comes in the top picks of online shops. Proving very popular with thousands of styles to choose from in very decent prices, and also stocking designer brands, high street brands and also it's own "Etsy" style marketplace, it's no wonder so many of us go there to shop! But what about the lingerie? Well it doesn't disappoint whatsoever. Not only do they stock hundreds of our favourite lingerie designers, such as Bordelle, Lascivious, Mimi Holliday and Made by Niki, they also have their own fantastic range of lingerie. Not to mention beautiful and affordable.


This is so lovely, it reminds me of a harness which are incredibly popular lately, so if you don't have one already go grab one to sexify your outfits! In the meantime, check out this. I find this is quite unusual, I love the caged effect and little buckle detailing. It also still looks like it could support you well although the cups are soft. You could pair this with some caged knickers to enhance the overall effect! I am in love with fetish-style lingerie at the moment and this is perfect for those who wish to be a little cheeky but are not daring enough to go all out leather and PVC!


I have to say ASOS are pretty bloody good with the fetish-style lingerie. The only qualms I have about this season's lingerie collection is that there is colour but it's not really as detailed and interesting as the dark stuff, I would have liked to see some pastel shades or even flipping neon green! It's always good to squeeze a little colour into your knicker drawer! Anyway, this body makes up for the lack of colour. Eyelet lacing is so underrated, why don't they use it on all clothes? Why is it limited to corsets and... shoes?! It's looks so much nicer than zips and big old ugly buttons. The fact the lacing goes up both the sides and the front is wonderful too. The sheer panels are also great and anything with mesh is fine by me.

Again with the fetish-style lingerie! I love it, it's definitely something I would go for but I cannot say the same for everyone - some ladies just prefer frilly peach knickers whereas I prefer something a bit more racy! This set is hot. Makes me wanna throw on my leather jacket and boots and jump on a motorcycle with some guy in rolled up Levi's jeans and a red jacket a la James Dean. And of course a helmet (safety first). I wanna look like some Cry Baby babe. It looks oddly comfy for something made of faux leather too. I really like the fact that there is a cut out on the bra and on the knickers too, and also the zip detailing. I also love a longline bra and high waisted knickers combo! All round perfection.

4. Mesh Cutout Wetlook Trim Body £25

I keep thinking this looks like a cross but then it also looks like an anchor? I don't know, Holy cross or harbour this body is slammin'. Wetlook is fabulous because it looks like leather but it's much easier to wear in outfits, and mixed up with black mesh it looks amazing. The massive cut outs are wicked too if you like showing off a lot of flesh, I think this would be better suited for clubwear rather than as actual lingerie as you would have difficulty in keeping your boobies up if you have rather large ones but small chested girls would look fab, and you can always wear a bra underneath! This would also be amazing for those with side tattoos to show them off! I can't wait to get mine so I can wear something like this to bare them!

Waaah! So unusual. I love the little left cup poking out of the mesh like "oh hey" all cute and lacey. This would be perfect if you're wearing a one shoulder bra and don't want to wear one of those ugly made-for-function ones! It would also look lovely if you wore a strapless dress or top as you would have the strap on show. Even as a teeny weeny top I suppose you could get away with it! It's hardly ever that you see lingerie like this for such small prices and you can't not appreciate the thought that goes into these!

- Toots

All photos from ASOS.com

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