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Knicker Drawer Must-Haves: Burly Lovers!

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 When I was about 16 I became obsessed with the glitz and glamour of Burlesque. Eventually this fuelled my fascination with lingerie and, somewhere along the way, a deep love for the tassels and glitter of the burly world made the transition into a love for all sorts of underclothes. Because of this, I will never be immune to the allure of burlesque and so my "Must-haves" post this week is centred around just that. 
If you love showgirls as much as I do, you'll love my list of the essentials - the lingerie behind the cabaret - and maybe you'll be inspired to perform a little striptease for your loved ones (or yourselves)!

Total Cost: 194.60 (Click to enlarge)

Total Cost: £486.46 (Click to enlarge)
What you need in your collection
1 + 2. A bra and knicker set. This will obviously vary depending on the act but I find that the more playful the lingerie, the better. For example, when I'm performing my own little pre-shower striptease for my significant other - the mirror - little details like side-ties and bows make everything that bit more cheeky and graceful (my mirror thinks so anyway). Here I've chosen the Satin Halter bralet from FairyGothMother (£26) and Side Tie Panties from Nearer the Moon on Etsy (£23). For a more generous budget I've chosen the Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly bra and thong from Tallulah Love (£125.01 for the set).

3. Seamed stockings/tights. I prefer stockings for a more glamourous striptease but tights can be suitably cabaret too. I think seams are a must because they elongate and draw attention to the legs on stage and they fit the retro aesthetic of a more classical performance. For balance, I've picked out these red Contrast Retro Seamed tights from What Katie Did (£12.50 - also available in stockings) and these ultra glam Silver Fully Fashioned stockings by Gio (£17.45 - Gio @ Kiss Me Deadly).

4. A Corset. For the more advanced peeler. Getting out of a corset elegantly can be a nightmare but definitely worth it if you can master the technique. I love the Overbust with Red Sash from Corsets UK (£105.60). Corsets UK are great for first-time corset buyers because they're very reasonably priced with steel boning, steel busks and modesty panels but you might not get as much cinch as you would with a more expensive brand (What Katie Did are also great for good quality, well-priced corsets but would have just taken me over my £200 budget). The Lilac Satin underbust from FairyGothMother (£285) is also beautiful and both these corsets come with 6 suspender loops so just add clips (you can buy them here) and you're stocking-ready!

5. Nipple Pasties. For the grand reveal! I love burly pasties with tassels. This is the finale after all! The Velvet Antoinette pasties by What Katie Did (£10) are stunningly ornate and pretty while the Round Silver Nipple Tassels by Ophelia Fancy (£24) add a little sparkle.

6. A pair of opera length gloves. Finally, the key to a good striptease is to pile on the accessories - the more you have to tease with and take off! Long gloves do the job perfectly because they can double up as a prop! Here I've chosen the Black Satin Gloves by What Katie Did (£17.50) and a white version by Cornelia James (£35).

Other non-lingerie items that are great to have in your burly collection are feather fans, fascinators and lots of crystals for customising! Remember, a striptease should be characterised by your own personal style. This is just a guideline that you can adjust to suit your taste. Even if you're not performing for an audience, burlesque-inspired lingerie is always a playful addition to your knicker drawer (and to the bedroom). Have fun with it!

- Booty
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