Friday, 16 March 2012

Suspender Tights - Worth the Hype?

Super Suspender from

We all know what I'm talking about here! Since those Henry Holland gizmos (or 'Super Suspender Tights', to use their proper term) gained popularity, suspender/stocking style tights have been popping up everywhere. Are they worth all the hype?

I'm Laddered tights from
Very Agent Provocateur, no?

As a regular stocking wearer and retro lingerie enthusiast, I just can't seem to warm to them. I can see the appeal because, lets face it, tights are hardly the sexiest of legwear and you can get the more attractive stocking appearance without messing around with suspenders. But doesn't that just seem a little lazy? Why wear tights that look like stockings when you can just wear stockings? Especially when the HH tights don't really look like suspender clips all that much and suspender belts are just so darn pretty?
In my opinion, if you want to show off the fact that your wearing stockings, wear seams! Nothing says "I'm rocking some sexy hosiery" like an eye-catching pair of seams!
Moreover, I've always thought that the "accidental" Elvgren-esque glimpse of a suspender clip is far more seductive than having a suspender print on show.
 I have to admit, I am rather fond of the style of suspender tights that have the cut-outs. Not because they look like stockings but because I think they solve the "unsexy tights" issue in a far more striking way that would also be great for everyday wear.
Here are some lovely examples from Wolford and Leg Avenue:

Stay-Hip from
As awesome as these are, the retro lover in me is just sobbing and shouting "Where's the suspender belt?!"
I feel that there are other ways way to jazz up your tights. For instance, try some cool prints! The House of Holland webshop has other designs that are really trendy and Wolford is another great place to look. (I love 'All Over Bones' by House of Holland)

All Over Bones from
Or, if you want something with an extra element of glam, Candy Baker's 'Crystal' collection includes some gorgeous sparkly tights. (The new 'Art Deco' collection is fabulous as well)

The Back Seam from

I'd love to now what our gorgeous readers think. Do you love them or hate them? Comment or let us now via our Tumblr! Me, I'll be sticking to my beloved 6 straps for now.

I'm a little teapot...

- Booty

House of Holland
Candy Baker
Leg Avenue
All photos owned as credited.

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