Sunday, 18 March 2012

How To Dress Up Your Lingerie: Bralets!

The long line bra should be in every girls underwear drawer. It is so flattering on most shapes and adds a bit of retro to your lingerie. Especially paired with matching high-waisted knickers! But as always, not everyone wishes to keep their intimates well... intimate. So ta-da, I have come up with 3 beautiful bralet outfits to help give you an idea of how to wear yours! First of all, this in an item I have in my drawers and I love it. It's fabulous, the colour is what caught my eye and the detailing on the cups, and it's super sexy...

topshop oxblood bralet
To me this Topshop bralet epitomises vampiric lust, which I guess inspired this whole fetishist-style outfit. The notion of blood leaves most screaming, but this outfit is for those who bite (not to be confused with Twilight). So, sink your teeth into this baby. This skirt is perfect for those who want to show their whip-cracking-neck-biting-paddle-bearing side, because of it's PVC sections yet also classic pencil skirt style. Also, patent platforms will go perfectly with this outfit too! But if you're not a fan of heels then Oxblood Doc Martens will do the trick. Big eyelashes and big lips will also finish this look off perfectly, I'd recommend a dark red lippy and falsies.

The Lake star

The Lake & Stars have made this beautiful bralet with silver crushed velvet and mesh. I love the cut out detailing! This kind of reminded me a little of grunge style so I think pairing this with a full length velvet skirt would look amazing especially on those who are tall with long limbs, but if you're tiny like me, then I think either a velvet bodycon skirt that either comes just past the knees or above, or even a dipped hem chiffon skirt as long skirts can sometimes swamp us! I think key to this look is lots of jewellery, I've picked out here this amazing body chain from Topshop, some ear cuffs, an earring that goes from your nose to your ear, and a spiked bracelet. This creeper style shoes are from AX Paris and only £27! Grunge babes out there, this bralet is made for you. Throw over a flannel shirt to complete the look and don't bother topping up your roots.

I am gingham obsessed! I love this bralet from Lilly Wiggler on Etsy. You can get it in any colour gingham you would like too! Gingham seems to be creeping it way back onto the highstreet lately so this item is perfect to get your lingerie incorporated with the latest trends. This skirt from ASOS is so dreamy, a pencil skirt with an interesting twist effect! You can also get trousers with the same gingham too. I think these red polka dot shoes will go perfectly, although they do have different prints, it will work. I also love these Miu Miu drop earrings! They're super unusual, but at over £200 they break the bank a little - I would suggest buying some gingham buttons and gluing earring backs onto them. This red rose and red lipstick and nail varnish will do the trick to finish it all off for that perfect pin-up summer look!


  1. LOVE these outfit ideas! <3

    Kitty x

  2. Thank you Kitty! So glad you enjoy them!



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