Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Best of British - Frantic About Frances

Berry Delight Knickers & Bullet Bra
Writing these 'Best of British' posts has been a real eye-opener for me. I was always aware that there is a vast collection of lingerie brands here in the UK that are dedicated to making their products in Britain. However, I never anticipated that there would be quite this many. The wonderful thing is that 'Made in Britian' isn't just a buzz phrase for these brands. It's not just a selling point. So much care and attention goes into every aspect of each brand - whether that be the design, the sourcing of materials or even the social media to ensure an excellent point of contact for customers.
Moreover, the sheer variety and creativity is amazing. So far we've had elegant silk and lace knickers, fashion-forward kink and pretty panties defined by ethics - amongst others. And now we have pin-up.

Frantic About Frances  was founded by Jenny Mearns - trained in historical costume design and making - and is characterised by vintage inspired soft-cup bras, bullet bras and quirky printed knickers. The label is sculpted by influences such as pin-up glamour and vintage fashion.
One of my favourite pieces is the It Takes Allsorts bullet bra and knicker. Made from liquorice Allsorts printed cotton and adorned with pink mesh, lemon bows and pale pink lace trim, this sweetie-covered set epitomises Cheesecake Pin-up beautifully.

It Takes Allsorts Bullet Bra & Knicker
I also love the limited edition Miss Candy Cane and Miss Daisy Chain knickers. These are made from pure silk with layers of lace ruffles on the back and they even come in little Victorian style sweetie jars. Is there anything more quintessentially British than saucy knickers in Olde-English sweetie jars?

Pure silk Miss Candy Cane knicker
Every set carries this ultra-girly, pin-up motif with pastel colours, polka dots and florals and yet the vintage cuts and shapes ensure that each garment is still sexy, grown-up and not too cutesy.

Strawberry Smooch Bullet Bra

Another great example of the wonders of buying British.

- Booty

Frantic About Frances shop
All images taken from the Frantic About Frances website.

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  1. Panties in a jar! Genius! Now I feel like getting LOTS of glass jars and putting colorful panties in every one. Maybe I could keep them in the kitchen... ;) xo

    1. Oh wow that would be so adorable! I think if we ever run out of knicker and bra space in our drawers then that might just have to be the solution haha! That would be such a nice way to use up cute jam jars too :) xx Toots



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