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The Best of Harnesses!

    So I thought it was time to switch it up a little from the usual "how to wear your lingerie" post I do on Thursdays. I also must apologise for the lack of "High street lingerie" this week, as I've been super busy with getting work done for my Final Major Project (I'm sure some of you ladies get me, so stressful!). Today I want to talk about the wonderful harness! There are so many different kinds out there to choose from, some very understated and simple, and some that make an outfit. They are easily transitioned from lingerie to day-wear to night-wear. With lingerie you can wear it as a kind of restraint for those who are into flogging and fetish, paired with your best leather under-bust and knee-high boots, or whatever your Master might desire! If you're more fashionista than fetishist, the harness easily turns into day-wear over a simple crisp white shirt or pretty, light dress to offset the cutesy ensemble or spice up an office outfit. For night-wear, wear over just about anything you like! It's best to choose a contrasting colour to bring out the straps, but sometimes black on black works well too, with different textures. So, here are my top harnesses!
Image from Love Magazine, Kate Moss wearing harness by Fleet Ilya

Fleet Ilya Triangle Harness in Red PVC £350

Fleet Ilya have an incredible range of restraint and bondage fashion wear. I particularly love this triangle harness as it's made in red clear PVC, yet it's also quite a simple design. It's fully adjustable and with D-ring detailing (perfect for attaching any extras you might have - a leash perhaps?!) Buckle up in this with a black bodycon figure-hugging dress.

Zara Bayne Pentagram Harness (Price N/A)

Zara Bayne does an incredible range of harnesses for men and women. Unfortunately the site is currently under construction to add in more ranges and styles, but you can still check out her other collections for the time being! I think this one is pretty cool because of the "pentagram" shape on the back, or is it just a star? Aside from arguing with the name of the harness I think this is an incredible take on the harness.  I personally like what Chloe Sevigny wore with this particular harness. Just a simple white t-shirt and short black circle skirt went perfectly with this harness.

Mise En Cage Meryl Harness (£134)
Now this is definitely more for lingerie! Made from soft elastic, this is the perfect seduction accessory. Just a simple zip and the harness opens! Although this is not to say that you cannot wear this with the braces up, over a shirt and then a skirt to cover up the suspenders so that you can go out feeling incredibly sexy with this underneath, like your little secret.

ASOS Three Strap Harness Belt (£18)

Harnesses don't always have to look so much like S&M wear. I love this peach harness from ASOS, which acts almost like an underbust corset without the restraint. This harness means that you don't have to sacrifice your summer wardrobe for a piece of leather! This looks wonderful with the peachy dress the model is wearing and would look lovely on any other pastel coloured floaty dresses, such as this simple dress or a similar Grecian style dress to the one the model is wearing in any other pale colour!

That concludes today's post about harnesses! I currently own one which I purchased from Camden from roughly about £45. Always check out the little unknown shops because you never know what you might find! I wish I could remember the name but I know it was on the same street as Collectif if you know the area, and the same shop also sold very interesting lingerie and burlesque costumes. This is how I wore mine last time!
 A little difficult to see but it's in a similar style to the Fleet Ilya triangle harness without the triangle at the back and in black leather! I'm wearing it over a tie-dye bodycon dress from Topshop. Other ways I have worn it are here with a cropped white t-shirt, and here with a slip-style cream dress. So this gives you an idea of other ways you can wear it and how versatile the harness is!  

- Toots

All images are linked to sources
Chloe Sevigny image credited to Terry Richardson

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