Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Best of British: Miss Crofton

Naughty Backless Set
As the Portas debate continues to ripple through the lingerie world, we bring you another great example of "Made in Britain" lingerie.

Based in East London, Miss Crofton are yet another brand that are doing UK lingerie proud with pieces that range in style from cute and quirky, to sheer and sexy, through to playful and retro.
Most of the lingerie consists of limited edition or one-off pieces featuring handpicked vintage-inspired fabrics and trims.
Chantilly Set
The whole collection has this beautiful dream-like, boudoir feel to it. It's like Alice's Grown-up Wonderland - especially the indigo Marina set. I also love the "mix-and-match" element to some of the pieces. For example, the teaming of the Bambi leotard with the Coquine satin shorts is stunning here:
Bambi Leotard & Coquine Shorts
This brand incorporates some of the things I love most about luxury lingerie: an element of the fun and playful in flattering shapes and colours. A truly elegant brand that aren't afraid to say "we're really having fun with this". And all made in the UK - what more could you wish for?

- Booty

Miss Crofton shop
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  1. Wow!
    Nice Modal.She is looking so hot in the white Lingerie.i am very excited buy seeing this Exotic & Fantasy Lingerie collection.i will definitely gift buy this item to my special one...I enjoyed reading your article, many thanks….I love this whole look! You are amazing.
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  2. Yes the white set is beautiful. You're welcome! Thank you for the lovely comment x

  3. This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme about Two pieces lingerie . I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughtsfrom your side in your next post.

    1. Thank you! I will take a look. Not sure what you mean by the last sentence I'm afraid. My side of what?
      Thanks for commenting xx



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