Tuesday, 3 April 2012

High Street Pick of the Week: Intimissimi

Intimissimi (bit of a mouthful) is an Italian clothing label which specialises in lingerie. It celebrates the iconic Italian style in delicate pastel hues this season and emulates the romanticism of Italy in the spring! Unfortunately there is only about 4 of these stores in London! But don't let this fool you, as this usually evokes the image of an extremely expensive boutique but no, Intimissimi is still very much affordable and like all the other previous high street shops, does not sacrifice quality for the amount you pay! (I apologise in advance for how tiny the pictures of the items are! I hate this when the website doesn't have decent photographs I can copy for blogging! But no worries because you can zoom in on the items on the item pages, which will, as always, be linked!)


Balconette Bra - £29.99
Shaping Panties - £19.99

For the ladies out there who love their lingerie to have that retro look, this set is perfect! The whole thing "shapes you" so you look gorgeous with or without clothes on! This is not like usual shaping garment which look a bit garish and weird and not sexy at all. This bra has elements of a bullet style in some ways yet also is more fitted to the boobies of today! It's not often that you see a pair of high waisted knickers like this in high street stores either. These have kept the style and shape of vintage lingerie with maximum comfort and beauty! The lace panels either side take it into contemporary lingerie design, and the added suspender clips make sure you don't have to go without your nylons! This is also available in black for seduction...

Another vintage inspired number! This would look amazing with a simple black lacy bra or even a soft see-through bra. The panels of these really enhance the waist and hips making your waist look teenier! The soft, delicate lace frames the front of the knickers adding to the detail and making them even more sexy! These would also look amazing underneath a see-through lace slip or cami. This is the kind of item I would recommend for men buying items for their girlfriends and wives that they know are interested in this kind of vintage lingerie, as it is very sexy yet is still something that she would love! Remember, don't just buy things for yourself!! If you buy something that relates to her interests then the rewards will come!

For this one you really must look at the detail with the zoom tool on the website! There are tiny little pink stain flowers on the neckline and some scattered around. It's detail like this you wouldn't expect to find for such a low price! This bra would actually go perfectly with the knickers above! Triangle shaped bras like this are brilliant for elongating the neck, and they suit pretty much all shapes! The only problem may be with support in some instances! If you love the design but you're not sure about the shape, check out the range they have of similar bras with the same motif, such as this push up bra!

Such a beautiful print! I love floral prints like this that are delicate yet bright! I love the little orange and pink roses against the white, and the beige lacing! Even cuter, the little flower in the middle! Even more importantly, this bra is about giving you the support you need! My only problem with Intimissimi is that the sizes don't go up very big, it seems like even I, a C cup, am on the larger side here from what I can see on the website! However in-store things are usually different so it is worth checking out. Nevertheless this bra is lovely and you can't go wrong with the long-line shape.

Everybody needs a slip! Just to throw on after your shower or when getting out of bed, it's always good to look gorgeous at all times! This one does the trick, although very easy to put on and wear as well as comfortable, it gives you that bedtime glamour in the most effortless way! This would suit so many shapes because of the empire-line shape where it hides anything you might see as unslightly (but to us every body is beautiful! Never be afraid to wear something!) The cute candy stripes and floral silk are Spring-ready, as well as the beautiful cream lace at the top, framing the neckline!

- Toots

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  1. As a college student in Portugal with a limited income and a love for lingerie, finding pretty items at accessible prices can be hard. Intimissimi is one of those brands that I can count on, and each season they come up with a few gorgeous pieces that I just have to get. Downside is bra sizing: they have only 5 sizes! It wouldn't be a first to come across a bra I liked only to find that one size has cups that are too small and the size above has a band that is too wide!

    1. Thanks for your comment! It is such a shame when that happens. Perhaps that has something to do with them being an Italian brand? Having to cater to UK sizes may be difficult x



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