Tuesday, 17 April 2012

High Street Pick of the Week: Ann Summers

Up until about a year ago I honestly thought Ann Summers was just a place for kinky dress-up costumes and giant oversized vibrators disturbingly named "rabbits" (that would have been a funny Easter present when I think about it, as well as love eggs!). My college freshers party was a sea of 16 year old girls in Ann Summers costumes, and there was me dressed as Kate Bush in a leotard, tights and ivy in my hair whilst others wore pilot costumes (weirdest fantasy award) and nurse outfits. I never really ventured in there until me and a group of friends went to go buy another friends 18th birthday presents (how we take care of them!). I looked around at their range of lingerie which is usually hidden behind their scary mannequins with big gravity defying breasts and I thought "bloody hell this is great!". The next day I bumped into my friend in there who obviously had the same impression! The thing about Ann Summers is that it screams SEX. Something that some might be put off by initially, but in actual fact the lingerie is really great and there is a huge range of different styles and types. It's not all crotchless and stringy! They also cater for those up to cup size H, and range from sizes 8-24. They also have a huge sale on right now!

Alice Plunge Bra (£10) and Suspender Brief (£7)

I love the flirtatious pink satin of this set, as well as the cute polka dot pattern mixed together with sexy frills and lace. I feel like I could literally eat that colour, it's so gorgeous! It reminds me of Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles - yum! Ann Summers do a lot of these suspender briefs which are very handy for when you have to face the questions - suspender belt above or under the knickers? The suspender straps are usually detachable too so that you can go without your straps flapping about when you're not wearing stockings!

Coco Grey Bra (£18.20) and Suspender Brief (£9.80)
I fell in love with this set when I first went into Ann Summers, but then they had it in pale pink! Unfortunately they didn't have the bra in my size, but I still got these gorgeous knickers for only £3! Admittedly this set is not the most interesting of them all, but I love this silvery grey colour and mesh details, as well as the detail of the cups. It's extremely classic yet sexy, but comfortable so you can wear it even if you're not anticipating anyone seeing you in your smalls that night!

Genevieve Coral Bra (£22) and Briefs (£12)

This coral colour is to die for! I'm in love with these kinds of shades at the moment, just in time for summer (although I agree the harsh rain today in Surrey says otherwise...). The bra very subtly enhances your bust with it's plunge design and slight padding. This set is also made from real silk, and at an amazing price! Something that is often noticeable about high street brands is the lack of luxurious fabric and really vibrant colours, but this set has changed that.

Pixie Bra (£15) and High Waisted Suspender Briefs (£7)

Now for something a little more raunchy! I have a bit of a phase of loving these plastic-type wet-look fabrics! They are very modern Bettie Page and also for those who need something a little lighter than leather to get them through their "vanilla" day, this set is perfect for that! The high waisted briefs are amazing and look stunning with the matching long-line bra! All you need is a paddle and some restraint accessories and you've got your Friday night planned...

Issie Bra (£18.50) and High Waisted Briefs (£11.20)
Now for something a little more.. romantic! I love the 50s appeal to this set. I love knickers that have frills around the legs, it's such a gorgeous touch especially to these high waisted briefs! The broderie style panels with red underneath give it that loved-up feel. I think just about everything included in this set is beyond perfect! And at such a low price who can resist!

- Toots

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  1. Any tips on where to find similar wet look lingerie? I'm in that phase at the moment too!!

    1. Have a look at Toots's Asos post
      There are some really gorgeous wet look pieces on there!
      Booty x



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