Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Best of Hosiery

In light of "Nylon Stockings Day" last Monday, I think it's time for a "best of" hosiery post! Whether you wear tights, stockings, hold-ups or socks it's important to look good in your leg-wear. If you're like me and practically live in thick black tights, I seriously need some excitement in my sock drawer because the sea of M&S 50 Denier tights is getting so dull even though they are so useful for those days where suspender straps require a longer skirt that just makes your legs look stupidly short (me, every day), or those days when stockings are an absolute must, why not stray away from plain lace-tops and go for something a little more special.
Illustration by Myself

What Katie Did Fully Fashioned Stockings (£20)

Let's begin with a classic! Fully Fashioned are the epitome of retro leg-wear. These are extremely rare to come by these days, but incredible craftsmanship! There are only a couple of factories in the UK that make these genuine FF stockings at the moment so it is likely that they will eventually die out which is an incredible shame to retro legs everywhere! Although a little pricey for what you would normally spend on stockings, you're really paying to keep these companies making these beautiful things! Although there are many versions of the seamed stocking and heel, the main differences are that genuine fully fashioned stockings do not stretch, and the seam is essential to the making of it, unlike other modern stockings where the seam is added afterwards. Whatever you decide to invest in, you cannot go wrong with black seams!

Candy Baker Gallium Stockings (£40)

So beautiful! I love this gorgeous gold shell pattern inspired by Art Deco. Candy Baker do a gorgeous range of tights that are either decorated with gold pattern or embellished with diamonds, making for incredible legs any time. Draw attention to your lovely legs with these glamorous tights, contrast heel shoes and a flapper dress for the embodiment of Gatsby amour!

Agent Provocateur Whip Me Stockings (£30)

Who could resist this sexy message? Whip me... Bite me... Eat me... Tease me... Who needs a voice when you have stockings? These are putting the message out there for any seductress. I would love to have seen a big range of these stockings with all different messages on them! How about lyrics from The Cramps like I've shown in my above illustration? Or... "Toots and Booty"?

House of Holland Bone Tights £12

Henry Holland doing what the House of Holland does best - cool tights! I love these because they go the whole way up to the waist so you don't have the suffer the ugly gusset of hosiery, but instead, check out my pelvis! Super cool for fancy dress parties and would look good with any plain outfit to give it ghoulish glamour.

Lascivious Bebaroque Roxy Stockings £29.95
Perfect Burlesque baby stockings here! Whether you're in performance or out in town, these are show-stopping twists on the classic seamed stocking! These would look amazing in any tasselled outfits whether pasties or simply some detailing on a shirt.

- Toots

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