Friday, 11 May 2012

Lingerie Buys This Week!

First off, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Booty today. Let's hope she gets lots of gorgeous new lingerie for her to brag about on our blog at some point. My present is awaiting her at the moment so hopefully she will get it this weekend at some point! I'm pretty jealous of it myself.

This week I've been super thrifty with my lingerie shopping! I posted a while ago about New Look's lingerie and I ventured in there a couple of days ago, and I was so pleased to find that so much of the Kelly Brook range was on sale! I got all of this for £15:

I apologise in advance for the shoddy pictures, my camera just doesn't want to co-operate today and all the colours look really different! But anyway I love these knickers! They're so cute and a gorgeous colour and also very comfortable too.The flocked hearts are my favourite thing! So adorable and especially with the matching set. These only cost £3!

And the matching bra! This is so comfortable and really great support. They only had sizes D+ or a size B, although I'm a C-cup I went for the B and I'm glad I did as it's a good fit! I think I'm annoyingly between sizes at the moment! Definitely one you could easily wear to bed and the colour again looks fantastic! This was only £6.

The suspender belt is matching too, very cute although I do have a few qualms about it. It doesn't quite sit right either on the smallest part of the waist or the hips. If I wear it on my waist it is pulled down by my stockings and sits kind of awkwardly! I think it needs longer suspender straps. And also it only has four suspender clips which normally isn't too much of a bother for myself but with the added annoyance of it being pulled down by your stockings it just won't hold! This is fine for a midnight rendezvous in your own home but not practical for going out unless you want to be readjusting your stockings all the time! However, at £3 I can hardly complain!

 And finally these beautiful pants! They are so so comfortable, like wearing tiny shorts! I love the mint green lace which is more colourful than shown in this picture (sorry I didn't get my own pic, they're currently in the wash!). I love the pleated detailing and the silky feel. These were £3.

Now as a little side note to my own projects going on at the moment, I made my very first suspender belt! Now I don't suppose many people have gone for leather as their first try at a suspender belt, but hey! It's a little off for sure because of the materials, such as the buckle being a bit too big and the suspender clips are too wide too, so I need to invest in some wider leather straps or smaller clips and buckles! However, I am so pleased! It holds up stockings really well and is surprisingly comfortable. And also can be worn as outerwear. As always with anything myself and Booty make, custom-made pieces are available! However hopefully within the next couple of months there will be a little online store to buy my things!

- Toots

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