Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Boudoir Accessories

The Art of the Tease - gloves, masks, hats, cuffs. The more sexy accessories the better the tease! If you've ever watched burlesque you'll notice the use of props for performance, the excessive layers and items of clothing elongate the strip in order for the ultimate crowd pleaser! But you don't just have to use these accessories on the stage, you can take them into the bedroom too and even into daily wear. All of these things would make great gifts for a partner too!

Because not everyone has their own Crazy Horse girls...

Bordelle Spike Garters - £79

Pair these with stockings for high-impact bedroom wear. Why not ditch the suspender belt and strap on these? Great for an easy strip because they only have one suspender strap to remove so you don't have to fiddle with clips, and you can leave these on! But if you want something that takes more time, get an 8 strap suspender belt.

Coco De Mer leather ankle cuffs - £77

If you're into escapology, try these gorgeous cuffs out for size. Supple soft leather with a kick of unbeatable strength, these ankle restraints won't let you down whether for bondage play or an interesting take on a fetishistic burlesque act. Detach the chain and leave the cuffs on during the day to add a hint of kink to your outfit.

My Leather Bag Leather Gloves - £19.11
These gorgeous heart-cut-out leather gloves are perfect for a strip-tease! One of the keys to a tease is accessories and gloves make a perfect fit, to remove each glove slowly as if it were the same as your bra or knickers! It makes hands look exciting.

Betty Blue's Loungerie Nell Robe - £85
This tantalising red robe inspired by Marilyn Monroe is perfect for bedtime (in many senses of the word). It's soft jersey and cheeky lace panels will make your onesie look pathetic (still love you though, onesie)! Show of your curves in this dressing gown or wait until the embellished black one is out!

Agent Provocateur Tasselled Pasties - £35
Pasties are an amazing way to dress up your nipples! I particularly love these colourful ones from Agent Provocateur. Would look amazing with a cupless bra too for the ultimate tease-fest!

Fraulein Kink Miss Kitten Mask - £134
If you're shy, try a mask! I love this tasselled one from Fraulein Kink with cat ears! Purrfect if you're not all about eye-contact and also would make a gorgeous addition to a rather high-class fancy dress costume!

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  1. I am loving those heart-lined gloves! I'd want them in black, and in red! Why do you do this to me when I am trying to save money?

    1. Mwahaha! Because we love nothing more than teasing you with fabulous expensive things!!!! Actually £19 is pretty good.
      - Booty x



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