Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Designer Exclusive - Almeida

With a new website currently under construction and a concession on ifyouplease.co.uk from July 2nd, independent brand, Almeida, is about to take the lingerie world by storm. The stunning, bondage-heavy look book showcasing fetish-inspired pieces and the website dominated by a leather clad model with merely the ominous words "Coming Soon" have got us very excited for this fresh new brand. Checking out the look book it seems we can expect plenty of leather and lace, cupless bras and a fab little lingerie dress. A big thanks to Tamara for chatting with us about her sophisticated and, frankly, smoking hot new collection.

What influences your design process? 
Everything and anything. This particular collection is inspired by Jennifer Tilly. I love everything about her, her voice, the roles she plays and I watched pretty much every film she made last year over and over again. Every time I came up with an idea I would wonder if she would wear it ha! I don't think I've ever sat down and 'designed' something from looking at a board of inspirational images. Things usually come to me at the most annoying of times like in a dream or when I'm trying to get to sleep. Most of my sketches are shit because they are scribbles I've conjured at 3am when I've been lying in bed and don't want to forget them. 


Aside from lingerie, what are the loves of your life? 
Motorcycles, shitty American TV shows, puppies & sleep. 

What advice would you give to aspiring lingerie creatives? 
Learn your trade. I'm not educated in design or sewing, so I interned and worked my ass off to try and learn. I was lucky to work for some amazing designers and people who encouraged me to do it anyway and showed that everyone has their own style and approach. Immerse yourself in it and learn everything you possibly can.

How will you be spending your summer?
Sleeping on the beach.

Models - Sophie Woodard & Rory Manning

Almeida Facebook

- Booty x

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  1. Love it when lingerie have that just-enough-fetish look to be sexy without going over the border into hard core fetish. This looks really good! That sheer dress is amazing! :) xox

    1. It is a great mix! I love the sheer dress but my favourite is the bra with the leather strap thing that runs over the boobs.
      - Booty xx



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