Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fetish Fancies from Playful Promises

I'm all about Playful Promises today as they've been delighting Facebook followers with fabulous sneak previews of upcoming lingerie the passed couple of days. For example, I'm very intrigued by this teaser from the upcoming collaboration with Kaori's Latex Dreams and can't wait until more is revealed.

What particularly caught my eye was not only their blog feature (which you can read here) on a fetish hero of mine, John Willie, but also these gorgeous vintage fetish inspired images of new collections featuring the stunning Miss Miranda.

Wearing Dominique
New Dominique and some FAB boots
Dominique corset.
Now I've been excited about Dominique for a while and it's finally available to buy on the Playful website but I did not expect this bad boy:

HELLOOOO "Oh You Tease!" set! When can I make your acquaintance?
Well apparently this gorgeous printed bullet bra and fabulously retro knicker are set to arrive in October.

We can expect great, great things from the Playful team.

- Booty x

Interested in fetish lingerie? You might like this.

Playful Promises
Miss Miranda
Kaori's Latex Dreams
Photo credit - Top image from Playful Promises Facebook, All others from Playful Promises blog.

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  1. So glad you like our upcoming goodies!! We can't wait for Oh You Tease to come - something to look forward to for Autumn! I'm not sure if you can tell from the images but the print is inspired by old tart cards (that were put in London phoneboxes), featuring lots of high heels, whips and silhouetted ladies.

    1. I seriously can't wait to get my hands on the Dominique! I figured that was the inspiration ;) I can't wait to see it up close too and check them out!

  2. Dominique is tantalizing- I can hardly wait! I got my pre-order in.

  3. October? That's *ages* away! I want them all now. Yummy :-D

    1. Dominique is out now :) But yes, we want Oh You Tease! When do we want it? Now! x



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