Monday, 21 May 2012

Our favourite brands: Illustrated

Today I've spent hours doing 5 illustrations of just a small portion of our favourite brands! I enjoy fashion illustration so this was really fun for me and I hope you like them (and I also hope the brands don't mind that I turned their models into my illustrations!). I've been a bit rusty lately trying to get back in to drawing after a couple of weeks of taking a break, but I'm pretty pleased with the outcomes! I've tried to represent the brands through materials and drawing style, although still hopefully staying true to my own (weird) illustrations! My brain is frazzled so sorry for the lack of actual comprehensive writing! So I present to you:

Playful Promises, Bordelle, Lascivious, Kiss Me Deadly, Damaris

Kiss Me Deadly - Lingerie for the femme fatale (watercolour)

Okay this was my first illustration of the day, and it didn't really go too well because I was feeling pretty sleepy and not feeling the drawing. I also smudged poor Morgana's lips so now she's a sexy vampire! But this is the Vargas dress which is incredible!

 Lascivious - Luxury brand and masters of the cupless bra (watercolour)

Okay getting a bit more creative with this one! I love this set, unfortunately I don't think I did much justice but I love this colour! Absolutely beautiful and this set is a piece of art in itself.

Damaris - Bright lingerie named after cocktails (Fine liner)

 I'm so obsessed with this set! This looks better in person I swear, my scanner is too small for these illustrations (and rubbish) and my camera doesn't want to pick up the illustrations properly! But oh well. Loving the bright colours mixed with line drawing.

Bordelle - bondage inspired lingerie (watercolour)

This is the one I probably spent the most time on! Bordelle is my spirit animal in the world of lingerie. I love the girdle-skirt-thingy so much.

Playful Promises - gorgeous lingerie with a hint of retro (pen and pencil)

This is the last one I did - you can tell I was getting tired haha! I love the neon pink of this set.

And that's all for now! If I get good feedback I will definitely be doing more illustrations on here!
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- Toots

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