Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I Heart My Bras - Top Five

This isn't my usual method of bra storage
As I'm always banging on about bras I like, bras I want and bras I think everybody should rush out and get, I thought I should probably share some from my own collection. My favourites change practically every week but these are my top 5 for now! (Warning: Very inexperienced photography coming your way!)

#1 for Support

Vicky - What Katie Did
In terms of support, my Vicky bra by What Katie Did definitely trumps the rest in my collection. Generally, What Katie Did are excellent when it comes down to support and this one is no exception. The photo makes it look very blue but it is actually purple with a black lace overlay. I love the little purple ribbon running across the top of the cups and the shape is beautiful when worn.

#1 for Comfort

Fifi - Kiss Me Deadly
 I adore the teal Fifi soft cup bra on many levels. First, it's an unusual but beautiful colour for me, second, I love the deco-inspired stitching and finally, it is literally THE most comfortable thing I own. It's gorgeous for injecting a bit of glamour on lazy days. Also, Catherine (of KMD) gave me some excellent inspiration for this bra when she mentioned wearing it under a sheer blouse. I stole her idea and it did look great.

#1 for Sex Appeal

All That Glitters by Fleur of England
 I was an extremely lucky lady in acquiring this bra as I got it for free! Yes, free! Fleur of England organised a "Silver Foiled Easter" prize draw to coincide with the launch of the All That Glitters collection and I was lucky enough to win the bra and panties (and a banging chocolate egg complete with popping candy). I'm obviously still excited about it and that is mainly because this is the sexiest bra I own. I just love it. It has this beautiful silver lace running through it and the contrast black satin straps really set it off.

#1 Biggest Bargain

Isabella (in Cyclamen) by Myla
 Welcome ladies and gents, to my first Myla bra! And isn't she a beauty! This is my most recent purchase and it is so painfully hot pink that I have no idea what mad streak of confidence made me buy it (I'm not a pink girl) but thank the lingerie gods that I did. It's not very clear in this image but it only has the teensiest bit of proper cup which scoops up the side of the breast and the rest is all this gorgeous peachy/gold lace. It's my biggest bargain because I bought it in the Myla outlet sale for £55 reduced from £110. On top of that, Myla offered a "buy any bra and knicker from the Isabella collection for £60" deal so I got the panties thrown in for a fiver! Praise bargains.

#1 Most Expressive.

 Now what I mean by "most expressive" bra is that this is the bra that I feel most expresses my personality. I don't know its proper name so I'll just call it "kick-ass-velvet-lace-goth-Chloe-bra" and this is its story. It was a bitterly cold December day (setting the scene) and I'd spent all day in Sloane Square shopping for Christmas presents and buying my dear mother a Tiffany necklace for her birthday - it was the big four o, she deserved it - and I happened across Intimissimi who I'd never heard of before. The store was nearly closing but they had a last minute Christmas sale on and this little beauty just sat on the rail closest to the door giving me the seductive sad eyes and it was the last one and happened to be in my size. We were clearly meant to be together. I've provided a close up picture because this bra is all about the detail. It appeals to the everything-must-be-black-and-must-have-a-heavy-metal-soundtrack side of me, it appeals to my polka-dot obsession because it has this black mesh with velvet dots, and it displays everything I love about lingerie in the form of velvet lace - yes you read that right. Velvet lace ladies and gentlemen. If anything epitomises the pure luxury and glamour of lingerie it is that. I also love the little pearly bead in the centre. I love you baby.

So that's my top 5 (for now) in a not so comprehensive, slightly carried away list. I hope you enjoyed it!

- Booty
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