Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Male Lingerie: Mangerie?

Our female bodies are incredibly lucky to have all these beautiful brands to cover-up or show off our assets. We have beautifully presented breasts and bums wrapped up in lace and satin and we get to open up our lingerie drawers every morning and pick out our mix and match knickers and bras to get us through the day. What do men do at this incredibly important time of the morning? Reach into their tiny boxer and sock drawers and pull out the first thing they find! Why shouldn't men have this luxury? They have beautiful suits, shoes and ties but why not underwear to match? Fear not, I have found a few pieces for the significant male in your life! These would make nice gifts too if you're stuck for ideas! Maybe a nice father's day present to your husband this month!

Men in Lingerie: Boned by Alister Mackie for AnOther Man

Turnbill & Asser Woven Paisley Dressing Gown £1,800

If you're willing to splurge, this dressing gown is perfection! Emulating Hugh Hefner's smoking jacket, this cotton and silk blend dressing gown with quilted velvet lapels is an amazing addition to a man's wardrobe! Buy a few cigars and some lounge-trousers and smoke in style with this baby. Although with a price like that you might have to live in this... But still, loungerie for the modern man!

American Apparel Baby Rib Boxer Briefs £13

Now for something a little lower on the price scale! I love American Apparel because you can have everything in pretty much any colour you like! This comes in 25 different colours and with 5 star reviews of these you can't go wrong! These are known for being very durable and soft no matter what you put them through, so keep your junk safe when playing footy or for comfort any time of day. (They also look kinda cute on girls)

Sunspel Striped Cotton-Jersey Boxer Briefs £25
Sunspel were actually the first company to introduce boxer shorts into the UK, so we have them to thank for your underwear! I absolutely love these boxers, very much reminiscent of the hot Gauliter Le Male perfume bottle. Made with two-fold Egyptian cotton for comfort! vending machine! is a very cool and awesome underwear brand from Canada. They are incredibly reasonably priced from £5 a pair, and you order them in bulk and they come in awesome boxes that you can pick and you can also mix and match your underwear choices too! They are also great quality and have done a few designer collaborations, one to check out!

Karim Sadli for Candy Magazine

- Toots

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