Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Angela Friedman: The Versailles Collection and Interview

Photo by Al Rodriguez

Angela Friedman's Versailles Collection emulates regal baroque inspired lingerie, emphasizing womanly allure in every ruffle, stitch and bow. It gives the image of historical romantic endeavours with the addition of feminine power and elegance. Every piece is made in New York by hand with luxury silks, brocades and lace. It also combines historical fashion with contemporary nods to fits perfectly to the modern woman who is indulgent yet strong. Angela uses her attention to detail to create these stunning pieces. We talked to her this week about her work!

When did you first fall in love with lingerie and what do you think attracted you to it initially?

There is something so special about intimate apparel; both because it's intended for the wearer to see and not the general public, and also because it's the nearest thing to your skin. The feeling of wearing soft washed silk or delicate lace is a unique experience, both luxurious and gentle. My love of fine lingerie began with historical fashion: Victorian corsets, seamed nylon stockings, 1940s peignoir sets... From there, creating a modern but vintage-inspired lingerie line seemed only natural!

Aside from lingerie, what are the other loves of your life? I'm extremely passionate about animals, which is why I don't work in leather or fur. I have a darling little black cat named Clarence who means the world to me. I actually also spent some time in March volunteering at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica - they're such incredible creatures! I would say the two physical things that make me happiest are lingerie and animals. I suppose that's a funny combination, isn't it?

What advice would you give to aspiring lingerie creatives? The thing that I wish someone would have told me upon beginning is that you shouldn't wait for someone to hand you an opportunity. If you really want to be in the business, just do it! There's no sense waiting for the chance to fall into your lap - you have to be self-driven and create the opportunity on your own. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't waited as long as I did to start creating collections and put my all into these products.

When will your lingerie be available for purchase? The clothing should hit stores in the middle to the end of the summer, but I'm currently planning a trunk show which will offer individuals the chance to buy lingerie directly. Anyone interested can contact us at info@angelafriedman.com.

How will you be spending your summer?

Working! This is an industry that doesn't rest, so I'll likely be planning events and shows, managing production, and keeping up with marketing all summer long. In my free time I like to get out of NYC when I can, though - my boyfriend just bought a lovely Victorian farmhouse and some land up in the Catskills, so we're doing some renovation projects together. Mostly I just like to sit out on the deck and enjoy the stars and a little piece of nature. It can be exhausting being in the city all the time.

-Favourite brand? Carine Gilson
-Lingerie or Loungewear? Lingerie
-Stockings or tights? Stockings
-Bras or panties? Panties
-Lace or silk? Both! How can you possibly work with only one?!

So a huge thanks to Angela for her time and if it's any consolation, lingerie and cats are myself and Booty's favourite things too ;)

- Toots x

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