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Sleeping Beauty: The Lingerie

No, I'm not talking about the Disney classic. This tale I'm talking about is much, much darker. Directed by Julia Leigh and starring Sucker Punch's (and, erm, A Series of Unfortunate Events...) Emily Browning, this 2011 film depicts the haunting life of Lucy. She delves in to the world of the unknown, and unspoken desires. It explores erotica in a severely twisted and uncomfortable way. I recommend watching it purely because it's fascinating and so disturbing that you won't forget it. And also what I'm really here to talk about is lingerie!

Whilst we temporarily ignore the dark plot, Lucy gets a job waitressing at parties in lingerie. The lingerie she and the other waitresses wear is absolutely gorgeous. Whilst she maintains a fetishised virginal image, the other waitresses are more or less the opposite to that. I've tried to source where the lingerie is actually from but I can't find any hint to where! Therefore here is my own interpretations of the lingerie from our favourite brands. (I also should apologise for the "theme" not being dissimilar to Booty's post yesterday!)

This is the first glimpse of lingerie in the film! Now this is pretty plain, very comfortable and mismatching. This scene is before her job as a waitress and this is how she appears in the "interview". If you like this simple, cotton knickers and bra combo then look at Tezenis lingerie! I found this set to be almost identical except for the difference in colour

Tezenis (price not available online)

This is by far my favourite set featured in the film! I love the smaller 3/4 cup and the bow detailing. I think that the bra is like a hybrid of the Gia Shelf bra and the Nouvelle Justine padded bra both from Bordelle. Whilst the knickers are like the Nouvelle Justine 'O' briefs with a similarly coloured suspender underneath.

Bordelle £105
Bordelle £142

Bordelle £62

Bordelle £88

Now for the other waitresses! Clad in nothing but cupless triangle bras and unusual-looking suspender belts and stockings, these girls "look" is significantly different to that of Lucy's. I personally love this sexy ensemble especially with the weird draw on eyebrows too! I think that the Murmur bust harness is very similar to the bra except with studs, and the suspender belts are almost identical to Lascivious' Lila knickers.

Murmur £64
Lascivious £98

This is another sweet set! I love the peachy colours with the silver shoes! I thought this best reminded me of What Katie Did and their peach collections, I have chosen the Harlow knickers and the Cabaret bra to go together in this one! I also picked this simple white Damaris suspender belt, as I couldn't find any peachy pink "skinny" belts like the one above! If you can see a close-up of the image there is very small detailed lace around the straps, which is why I chose a lace suspender belt too.

What Katie Did £19.50
What Katie Did £41.50
Damaris £16

This strappy cupless body that the waitresses wear, is made out of chiffon-style strips and drapes from the middle. Again, fancy embellished eyebrows here! Super edgy and cool. I thought that this was like a hybrid of the Xanthe bodysuit by Agent Provocateur and the Last Testament brief from Nichole de Carle.
Agent Provocateur £1495

Nichole de Carle £95

Now finally for a robe! This peachy-pink robe drapes beautifully and has slightly short sleeves and matching tie. It reminded me of the Kriss Soonik velour wrap, although it is in grey it really simulates this kind of look with the fabric and shape.
Kriss Soonik £92
That's all for now! If you haven't already watched this film definitely give it a go purely for the conversation value you will have with people afterwards trying to suss out what on earth you just watched! I personally found it oddly entertaining but not enjoyable, but I liked it? (Mind blown) Whilst my boyfriend hated it and said it was boring! So it's a bit of an odd one to explain however the visual aesthetic of the lingerie was a plus for me!

- Toots x

Most images from or from my own screencaps. Gif source is unknown.

All other sources linked under images.

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  1. hi, i know this post was done a while ago but the lingerie from this film was sourced from the following companies: Lascivious Lingerie and Little minx lingerie. I'm not sure whether the costume designers for the film created the pieces from scratch with the help of these companies but i do know that the white set worn by lucy is the exact that is shown here:

    hope this helps you :)



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