Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mad Men Lingerie

Let us all take a moment here to worship and praise Janie Bryant (hail!) for yet another fantastic job on dressing the guys and gals of Mad Men in historically accurate and oh so fabulous costumes. Such an impeccable eye for detail means that each scene has been styled beautifully from dresses to shoes to bags to ties to - thankfully for us lingerie fans - knickers (and the rest)! Hurrah! As the season draws to a close with only one episode left and especially after Sunday night's terribly sad episode (no spoilers here), now seems like a good time for a more lighthearted recap on the best of those cheeky little lingerie shots.
Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) will feature heavily here because she has ultimately been the sauciest of the female characters and we've seen... more... of her. She also represents that whole swinging sixties vibe very well as her clothes perfectly portray her as one of the younger, more stylish characters. This has made her my favourite character for panty spotting. You all remember the black lace set from THAT make up scene, right?

Forgive the "so totally looks like" aspects of this post but here are just some of my favourite Mad Men lingerie moments alongside their "real life" (or more accessible) lookalikes. I loved Megan's lime babydoll from last week and it reminded me of Fleur of England because it so totally looks like Dash of Lime!

Mad Men Lingerie Series - Lime babydoll
N'awh! Doesn't she just look like a super-sexy-sixties angel? She's also rocking this season's florals trend in a floral bikini top paired with high-waisted shorts (an excellent festival look might I add). I picked out a pretty Topshop bikini here.

Mad Men Lingerie Series - Floral bikini
Hardcore business-woman Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) taught us busy ladies how to chill out retro-style with a little help from this vintage slip which is almost identical to its Rokit alternative.

Mad Men Lingerie Series - Floral Slip
Meanwhile, Pete Campbell/Sleazy Pete's (Vincent Kartheiser) scene with a rather - ahem - promiscuous lady (you catch my drift) had me screaming "WHAT KATIE DID" at the television screen because...duh... it's so very Josephine bullet bra.

Mad Men Lingerie Series - Leopard Bullet bra
And finally, the lovely Joan (Christina Hendricks). While she is ultimately the queen of the wiggle dress and didn't have much lingerie on show this season, she did rock a lot of stunning robes. This one had all the floaty, floral loveliness of a Beautiful Bottoms piece.

Mad Men Lingerie Series - Floral robe
So there we have it, Mad Men lingerie made easy in our somewhat less glamourous real world. Praise be Janie Bryant!

- Booty x

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