Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Kiss Me Deadly Swimwear for 2012!

If you have KMD on Facebook then surely you're as excited as I am for their upcoming swimwear line this summer. If you already love their femme fatale style lingerie then this swimwear is the perfect match for any modern anti-heroine. All of these will be available mid-June, so not long to wait ladies!

Delores Swimsuit
This stunning blue swimsuit has soft cups, halter-neck and a ruched bottom which can also be pulled down into a dress. This swimsuit is perfect for showing off curves and hiding any bits that you prefer not to be shown off, especially with the ruched bottom which if you like can be pulled down! Perfect if you want to go straight from the pool to the bar. This gorgeous blue colour definitely stands out! For the contemporary Marilyn Monroe!

Kitten Bikini

This is my personal favourite, I'll be damned if I go on holiday this year without this in my suitcase! With Hawaiian prints more popular than ever (should probably stay away from your Dad's collection of Hawaiian shirts to be sure though...), this gorgeous bikini is high waisted and halter-neck and in the most stunning print. This is set to possibly be available in different fabrics too which is super exciting!

Deluxe Bikini
Now for sexy pirate babes! This one is the best of the three if you like more support in the bust area as it's underwired and padded for extra oomph! Like the swimsuit, the bottoms can also be pulled down into a skirt. This one is awesome for enhancing curves too because of the padded bra and the ruched bottom which will make your bum and boobs look bigger and your waist smaller - hooray! This one is for the original deadly girl who strays away from bright colours ;)

- Toots x

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