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Designer Interview: Karolina Laskowska

We're big fans of student designer Karolina Laskowska so you can only imagine our excitement when she kindly agreed to chat with us about her gorgeous creations. Already smitten with her strappy, quarter-cup bras, her stunning use of eyelash lace and, particularly, her ultra kinky pentagram playsuit, we're now head over heels on finding a heavy metal loving, baking babe behind all that glam.

Quickfire Round

Favourite brand? Eek, don’t have one!  Particularly keen on Lascivious right now but I do change my mind each season…

Lingerie or loungerie? Lingerie

Booty knickers or skimpy thongs? Booty knickers

Bras or panties? Bras, usually the most work goes into them!

Stockings or tights? Stockings, always!

Feminine lace or kinky restraints? A bit of both? If I only get to choose one then the latter…

Boobies or bottoms? Boobies, much more fun to design around!

When did you first fall in love with lingerie and what do you think the attraction was?
It was actually a certain event that triggered my love for lingerie – my first proper bra fitting!  Before I actually actively disliked bras – I thought they were ridiculously uncomfortable and wasn’t all that fussed by them.  My mum took me to Rigby and Peller when I was 16 (the Queen’s bra maker for those who aren’t in the know!) and I just fell in love with the two bras that I came away with – they were beautiful objects by themselves but they still looked beautiful when I was wearing them.  The main attraction was probably the way it made me feel when I was wearing them – more feminine perhaps? It’s difficult to put it into words!
What influences your design process?
Now that’s a difficult question… Usually it’s materials – if I have a particularly beautiful piece of lace, silk, leather or peculiar components I’ll start designing around it.  Quite often though I’ll see an existing piece of lingerie and notice details that I want to try and use somewhere else.


What advice would you give to aspiring lingerie creatives?
Make things as often as you can and fit them on yourself – I found it one of the best ways to learn at first – of course you’ll make lots of mistakes but working around those is half the fun.  Also don’t listen to people who say it will limit you creatively – it’s a complete load of rubbish!

How important has your university life been in your lingerie development? Do you think education in contour fashion is essential for success in this field?
That’s quite a tricky question.  I’ve only been studying contour fashion for a year.  Some of the things I’ve learnt have given me lots more scope and taught me new techniques so it’s become easier to make the things that I have in my head.  At the same time, I don’t think a degree is completely necessary to go into lingerie – I know lots of successful designers who don’t have a clue about pattern drafting.  As long as you have good ideas, you’ll be able to find someone else to make it a reality.  Personally though, I love making things and doing as much as I can by myself – so there is a great sense of satisfaction in learning how to!

Where/when can we buy your lingerie?
People can buy my lingerie right now if they want to!  At the moment I take custom orders on an individual basis.  I really enjoy making custom designs for people!  However, I do have plans to make my designs much more widely available but that’s still in the works! 

Aside from lingerie, what are the loves of your life?
Heavy metal and baking – preferably at the same time!

What does the future hold for Karolina Laskowska?
Well, all I know for definite is that I’ve still got another two years of university to go!  What I’m hoping though is that I’ll be able to establish a proper brand… I’d love to have my designs sold in a proper established boutique, either online or brick and mortar.  I shall just have to wait and see what the future holds!

How will you be spending your summer?
Hopefully filled with excessive amounts of sewing!  I’m hoping to do some work experience with some established lingerie brands and designers.  Otherwise I have some exciting top secret plans… You’ll have to wait and see what they are...

We can't wait to find out! A big thank you to Karolina Laskowska for talking to us and we're very much looking forward to your future endeavours. In the mean time. Karolina is running a competition with only a couple of days left to enter! For your chance to win your own custom-made Karolina piece, click here.

Photo credits (in order of Appearance):
Photographer:Bella Kotak/Model:Little Twiglet/Hair&MUA:Lydia Pankhurst.
Photographer:Simon Crinks/Model:Sundal Roy/MUA:Crystal Michael.
Photographer:Anna Swiczeniuk/Model:Miss Miranda.
Photographer:Craig Fleming/Model:Kate Waldron/Stylist:Tess Daly/Hair&Mua:Laura Gingell
Photographer:Bella Kotak/Model:Little Twiglet/Hair&MUA:Lydia Pankhurst.
Photographer:Steve Kraitt/Model:Nathalie Hers/MUA:Marina Keri,

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