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Kelly Lin Osnato Interview

Kelly is a young intimate apparel designer inspired by beautiful classic beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and other retro pin-ups. I found her through Tumblr and I was in awe of her stunning, lacy and sexy designs and I absolutely had to feature her on our blog! I think that Kelly Lin is certainly one to watch in the future of lingerie because of her incredible attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of what it is to be a woman. Here on T&B we've delved into her mind further to find out what gets her ticking and where the inspirations are from for her stunning collection, as well as finding out a little more about what it's like to be a student with a passion for intimates!



            When did you first fall in love with lingerie? Do you think it was a significant event that attracted you to it or was the attraction always there?
I don’t think there was any one event that triggered my love for lingerie. I remember back in high school not knowing much about intimate apparel but when I would go lingerie shopping, even just for underwear, I always enjoyed it.
I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was six years old which lead me to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology. I remember the first week of going there our one Professor mentioned how in the BFA program you had different areas of study (children wear, evening wear, intimate apparel) As soon as she mentioned Intimate Apparel I knew that was it and I didn’t want to do anything else. I already put lace on ever one of my projects and my Professors said I had an intimate apparel vibe to most of my garments already. I think another factor is my love of vintage and pin ups which go hand in hand with lingerie.
I honestly can’t really imagine doing anything else.

·         What influenced this particular collection?
The first two outfits in my look book (the black lace bra, corselet and lace skirt and the cream colored bustier) were my senior thesis collection ‘Dream On’. The rest of my garments are my school projects through out the years of FIT. Most of my inspiration comes from music and there have been times I can listen to one song and due to the mood and lyrics can influence a full on collection. A lot inspiration comes from the eras of the 20’ s-50 of course, as well as other things. My senior thesis ‘Dream On’ had a few influences but mainly film noir and the iris flower were the main sources of inspiration. I kind of went with a whole ‘Saint and Sinner’ with these two outfits. The good girl in the movies and the femme fatale.

The "sinner"...

·         What advice could you give to aspiring lingerie creative’s?
Really push hard. At FIT the Intimate Apparel program only had a certain number of spots. If I had not gotten in the day of selections I wouldn’t have stopped fighting in till I did, which one of the girls I graduated with actually had to do before getting in.
People might just think that lingerie is just frilly under things but for someone who has a passion for it you know its much more than that. Lingerie can really shape a woman’s confidence in herself and that’s something ever person who makes lingerie goal should be.
Get into school for fashion design. Other than FIT and a school in England I don’t know if anywhere else has an intimate apparel design program but just try to get into fashion design program in general. If you know the construction of garments then you really truly can design something.


      How essential do you think your education in contour design has been to your knowledge in lingerie development?
Absolutely essential. I don’t think I could have been able to develop most of this with out my schooling at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I remember my first day at FIT, in which I had pattern making and hadn’t a clue of what to do. I learned a lot in the construction, which is the most valuable thing. You can go and design pretty lingerie with some color pencils and markers on a piece of paper but if you don’t have any idea about how it’s going to be constructed that sketch is just pretty art.

...vs. The "saint"

·         Will your lingerie be available for purchase any time soon?
No this was all my school projects and as much I as I would love to create and start line, as most fashion designer do, I don’t have the means yet to do so. Maybe one day but for now these creations are my own to keep and are reminders of my four years I spent at FIT and all the sleepless, sometimes funny nights in the workrooms sewing with my classmates and friends.

·         Aside from lingerie, what are the other loves of your life?
Tattoos. Drawing them, getting them, being inspired by them. My whole family has tattoos and before I could walk I probably had some fake ones on me. Tattoos need to have meaning to me for it to be a valued tattoo. I have one for my Irish roots, a few for my mom, a pin up with a mannequin for my love of fashion and lingerie. The next one I plan on getting is my dad’s firefighter badge number with two seashells on both sides of it.

Pinups. This is was one of my loves that lead me to lingerie. Anything related to pin ups I love and die for.  Marilyn Monroe in particular. I have an obsession of her, not the star but the person. I even have her tattooed on my side with a poem in her handwriting. I found her to be a very deep complex person and I like that side of her more than the pretty face most take her for.

Vintage anything. My whole room has vintage pieces weather its been passed down in my family or it’s something I found at the store or yard sale. If it looks old or worn or it looks like it’s going to have a story behind it I just love it.

·         How will you be spending your summer?
Currently I’m working at my little summer job I have been at the past four years trying to save up some money to move closer to the city. I just started, now that I have my look book ready, to send out my resume to places. I have a possible interview soon that I am looking forward too, so fingers crossed. 

Favourite Lingerie Brand?
Elle Macpherson Intimates
·         Lingerie or Loungewear?

·         Stockings or tights?

·         Bras or panties?

·         Lace or silk?

·         Personal favorite lingerie piece that you own?
My Elle Macpherson Coranto Bra. A black lace bra is a staple every woman should have in her lingerie drawer and the geometric lace pattern makes it even more unique. I feel like a total bombshell every time I wear it and it makes my breasts look great in it but its still supportive at the same time. My friend even nicknamed it “My Nookie” Bra.

·         Personal favorite lingerie piece that you have made?

·                              My three-piece ensemble I made my 7th semester is currently my all time favorite creation of mine. I had been very inspired and been religiously watching Boardwalk Empire and I feel like that comes across. I wanted to have a contrast as well between the softness of the peach lingerie and the black mesh cover up. I wanted the ensemble to look like it could have been worn by this flapper girl sitting at her vanity putting on rouge. The lace was the centrally point of the whole design and just reminded me of a seashell.


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  1. Such a fun interview-- makes me want to study intimate apparel design! Kelly's stuff is lovely.



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