Friday, 22 June 2012

Nifty, Thrifty and Under £50: Bullet Bras

Continuing our vintage lingerie trend from yesterday's "Guide to Vintage Lingerie", this weeks Thrifty post is focused on the staple of any vintage aficionado's lingerie collection. With vintage clothing cut to fit its shape and a fabulous history told by the projectile breasts of the best of Hollywood's classic starlets, the bullet bra is not only a gorgeous alternative to modern shapes. It is a statement and a whisper of a beautiful bygone era. And you can pick up your own for under £50!

1. Secrets in Lace: Bettie Leopard bullet bra ($49 or Approx £31)

2. Frantic About Frances: It Takes Allsorts (£48)

3. What Katie Did: Marlene (£39.50)

4. Vintaga: Whirlpool (£29.99)

5. Asos: Revive (£9 on sale)

- Booty x

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