Saturday, 7 July 2012

Almeida launches on If You Please

Back in May, we got chatting with London-based lingerie designer, Tamara about her fetish-inspired brand, Almeida. (Read that post here). Almeida is now available on online boutique This gives us the perfect opportunity to take a look at some of the pieces from the debut collection we didn't get to share here. I love the purple/red lace and how it contrasts with the leather. Congratulations to Tamara Bell on a sophisticated, fabulous debut!

- Booty x

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  1. That "Tilly Leather Strap Thong" is a perfect match for my AP Brooke Brief. The GBP to USD exchange rate is a pain and a half though (1 GBP = 1.54900 USD ; 1 USD = 0.645578 GBP; I'd be paying ~55 USD). I hope it stays available for a few months, I can't justify spending any more than I have.

    I also like that "Leather & Lace Peephole Suspender Brief"- I had mistaken it for a regular suspender belt.

    1. Bummer, this is the story of my life - so much beautiful lingerie, so little money to spend.
      This is kinda why we do so many "budget lingerie" posts haha.
      Ha I got confused by the suspender at first too. But now I've figured it out, me likey!
      Thanks for your comment
      Booty xx

    2. You're welcome, thanks for the link! A few years ago, I honestly would have never thought of myself to be at this point in my life. Yes, I'm a fashion forward woman, but I now view lingerie fashion as just as important as outerwear fashion! A few months ago I "graduated" to lingerie addict when I noticed that I was about to put down over 100 USD on Kiss Me Deadly's suspender skirt in black (which was a discontinued color, and of course the only color I wanted, so I had to hunt it down and get it). And amendment: "I can't justify spending any more than I have [spent already]." I dropped a pretty penny on that Agent Provocateur sale, and that's not the only company I've purchased from recently.

      I like both of your posts! The budget and higher priced ones. I think the more expensive items you post are rarely completely inaccessible for me (except Bordelle, and you can't *not* post Bordelle), and they're fun to bookmark as purchases for a special day. That thong is bookmarked! And hopefully it will be mine in two or three weeks!

      You're welcome.

      I hadn't even noticed from the picture that the thong was made from leather. I found that out when I went to the website, this is a line I really like for those little touches.

    3. It's funny how you make that transition. For me, my first "adult" lingerie purchase was when I was 16, I met my current boyfriend and became *ahem* "active". I bought a pair of black satin panties, what I think may have been the Ann Summers "Dita" bra with the fastening on the front and a flimsy little four-strap suspender belt (which I still have but wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole now, ha!). At the time it was the most exciting thing ever but I think I associated that more with the new relationship than the way the lingerie made me feel.
      I've always been a massive retro fashion enthusiast but it wasn't until later that year when I was looking for "retro-based" work experience and I came across What Katie Did that I discovered there was such a thing as "retro lingerie" and I completely fell in love with the shop. My boyfriend bought me the corselette in black for our first Christmas together.
      I think that's when I first discovered how happy the lingerie made me. Now, four years later, the first stage of getting ready in the morning is going to the lingerie drawer, picking something up and thinking 'Now what clothes will go with this', even if I'm the only person who sees it! I'd rather have more bras than shirts any day and paying X amount on a bra and knicker set seems so much more justifiable than spending the same amount on a dress or skirt.

      But I kind of think, if I can buy this without bankrupting myself or dipping into my "rent and bills" money, I will buy it because no other purchase will make me feel as comfortable or confident within myself. And that's a treat well worth splurging on.

      Doesn't mean I don't still LOVE a bargain though haha! Which is why we share them so much on here because it's not the cheapest of obsessions to have!
      Glad to hear you enjoy our posts and thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed sharing my lingerie love story with you - not that you asked for it muahaha!

      - Booty xx

    4. Haha, I broke and bought it! My excuse? I just put together PERFECT outfit in my head in which I wore my AP Brooke Brief and had the top exposed above my hip-hudding jeans. But then what? I will not go out to a club I've never been to without some more coverage, so clearly I just *need* the perfect matching thong to complete the outfit. This *so* fits into the new post about matching your outerwear with your lingerie!

      And I did not mind hearing that story at all. As you said, it's funny how we arrive to the same place in life. And even within that place, our tastes are so widespread and divergent!

    5. *Hip hugging, not hudding! Off to see what "hudding" means... Oh, maybe it means "the people that live at the cape"- at least that what my Google search suggests!



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