Monday, 9 July 2012

Lovely Latex!

In light of our little post on the gorgeous Playful Promises collaboration with Kaori Matsubara, I think it's about time we ventured a little further into the realms of sexy latex! For some, latex is a fetish, but for others such as myself it's for fashion. One quick Google search and you will find the most stunning couture latex designs you have ever seen! Beautifully fitting dresses, bras, knickers with ruffled trims, vibrant colours with the beautiful sheen of this amazing fabric! Here's some of my favorite latex lingerie pieces and how you might incorporate them into your wardrobe.

One of the first images that introduced me into latex as fashion!

Kaori's Latex Dreams Ruffled Standing Collar Body Suit 

Kaori's latex dreams

Maja Stina Latex High Waist Shorts 

Maja Stina latex

Lady Lucie Latex Seamed Stockings
Lady Lucie

Unfortunately my Polyvore has stopped working for some strange reason so I have to prematurely conclude this post!! However, other websites you should check out for amazing latex designs are:
and so many more! Check out Etsy as there are many amazing and well priced designers there!


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  1. Where is that belt (corset?) in the second picture from?

    1. Do you mean the third picture? :) It's from Kiki De Monparnasse! If you click through the images link to the polyvore where you can see where everything is from!



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