Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Candy Baker Glamour Hosiery - Long Legs in the Big City

Candy Baker London are known for their quirky collections of leg-lengthening hosiery. We loved their ultra-glam Classic Crystal collection which included a glitzy version of the classic backseam and more recently, 'Art Deco' injected some fab 1920's glamour into our tights. Now, Candy Baker have taken inspiration from two of the world's most beloved cities - London and Paris - to create 'Big City'.

Proud to be a brand that are designed and made in the UK, Candy Baker London have captured the "Jubilympic" excitement with tights dedicated to the iconic Big Ben Clock Tower. The 'Paris Tower' tights are just as gorgeous with a classic motif that will flatter and elevate any outfit. Meanwhile "Bubbles" and "Fizzy Pop" suggest at champagne-party living in the city.
The collection is brilliantly fun, unique and exciting and we can't wait to see 'Big City' on every lady's lovely legs.

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- Booty x

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