Thursday, 12 July 2012

Match your lingerie to your shoes!

What's hotter than lingerie, killer heels and nothing else? Speaking literally, probably many things, but there's nothing more heart pounding than seeing the girl of your dreams strutting her stuff in the most beautiful lingerie and heels. What two more perfect things could be paired together? Lingerie is flattering and beautiful on all females (and men too!), whilst heels make your legs look supermodel long and lift your bum up to gravity defying degrees!

Clearly Booty & I have got this down already!
Also, this is a sneak peek of what's to come ;)
Booty wears New Look Platform Heels
Toots wears Jeffrey Campbell Lita's

Mimi Holliday

Lingerie - Mimi Holliday
Heels -

Pairing pastel shades together for the perfect combo! The pink and coral goes perfectly with this set, but the blue makes it look less matchy-matchy! Very summery.

Stella McCartney

Lingerie - Stella McCartney
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell (all over spike) (with strap)

Studs and neutral shades! Pair with these rockstar bad boy's, go for the top pair with rose gold studs all over if you're feeling metal but these pale pink studded cuties are good enough too!


Lingerie - Bordelle
Heels - Michael Antonio

Dark and sexy, pair this beautiful body with lace up wedge boots for the ultimate fetish fashionista.

Deborah Marquit

Lingerie - Deborah Marquit 
Heels - Luichiny

No need to match colours! Pick a contrasting shade! Not for the faint hearted...
Fleur of England

Lingerie - Fleur of England
Heels - (top) Nicholas Kirkwood (bottom) Lipsy

Add a little mermaid sparkle to an otherwise simple and pretty set, such as some glittery strappy heels will really make this set look amazing.

- Toots x

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  1. I can't say I've thought about it like that. Then again, my wardrobe consists almost exclusively of black, and most colors are red, purple, and the occasional surprise- so of course the lingerie matches. When I first started reading your post (and based on the first pictures) I had thought you were going to focus on lingerie as outerwear- great ideas. :)

    1. I know what you mean! I have so much black lingerie and black shoes it's ridiculous! I really need to branch out so I guess this has given me a bit of inspiration since I love lingerie and shoes haha! I guess we've done a lot of posts about lingerie as outerwear anyway! :) Thank you! - Toots



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