Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Lingerie

So if you haven't heard of the new 'mummy porn' sensation Fifty Shades of Grey then you've probably been living under a rock or even better chained up to a bedpost for weeks. It's said that because of the "novel" (and I use that word lightly) there's most likely going to be a rise of interest in lingerie - sexy lingerie at that. While I can't get into the Twilight-based fanfic myself I can surely get into lingerie. If it isn't already obvious to you, I'm not a fan - but if you want to get your hair pulled and butt spanked then I may be able to suggest some lingerie pieces for that! (Let's just ignore the fact that Christian Grey is, in his own words "Fifty Shades of Fucked Up" and passive aggressive with obviously many underlying issues, and pretend it is a great portrayal of BDSM lifestyle okay? Cool.)

Almeida Choker Balconette Bra
I think upcoming brand Almeida is a great and new go-to for bondage-inspired lingerie. I love the choker effect on this leather bra and the front buckle. A little bit of restraint couldn't do you any harm.

Bordelle  Peep Bra and Thong
Okay, I know so obvious that I would go to Bordelle! (Anyway since when do I ever make a post without Bordelle in it?). But these two classic Bordelle shapes with red accents are perfect. I love the shape of the bra with cheeky peepholes and the harness-style thong.

Fraulien Kink Bed Restraint
How is it possible for these to be so beautiful?! I'm in love. I'm sorry Mr. Grey but I won't sign your contract unless you get me these, then we'll talk.

Lascivious Isla Bra
Loving the patent eyelet-tape accent on this open-cup bra! Super perfect and beautiful!

This harness-inspired bra is stunning! Match with the ouvert briefs for a cheeky glimpse of flesh to send someone wild.

So that concludes the BDSM-inspired lingerie post! I must apologise for us being MIA this past week - we're both pretty busy and exhausted lately!! Hopefully things will be perfectly back on track soon!

- Toots x

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