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LouLou Loves You Interview and Discount Code!

The Lovely LouLou!
LouLou Androlia, a woman of many talents! The owner of LouLou Loves You Lingerie, massage therapist and healer and also a fantastic illustrator. We're talking to her today about what inspires her, how she got to where she is now and her other interests! And we also have a discount code to offer!

Where do you find your influences? Where do you look to for inspiration?

Hi! My influences come  primarily from Disney movies & heroines + old fashioned romance, superheroes, desserts, secret agents, Japanese fashions, magicians, themed occasions & holiday dressing, Victorian children and exotic birds.
I work with colours that have grabbed me, and with trims that I have collected when wandering. I have boxes of fabrics waiting to be sewn into one off pieces and gifts.
Above all I’ve always made things that I would want to have for myself rather than following specific trends, I always figure if I want the piece then someone else will too!

What drew you to designing lingerie and sparked your interest in it? Is there a specific event or was the attraction always there?

I actually got into Lingerie design in a more random fashion. I’d never considered working in the fashion business before, although always been able to sew. I was studying Fine Art at University when I became ill and had to take a number of years off. As i was recovering I wanted to start something more skills based so took dressmaking and pattern cutting classes. There was a point during that time when I realised I had over 80 pairs of knickers and I thought hey maybe i should be making these! This was enough to spark me to look into courses and I studied for a year at KCC in London and on completion I decided I wanted to set up a business, and 5 years later here I am.
I would say that my work is an expression of my creativity more than it is from my love of fashion, I am inspired to create things and that’s where everything comes from.

As you also illustrate, do you find the designing process is more fun with the added opportunity to draw? Do you think your drawing style influences your designs in some way?

Weirdly enough my illustrating and designing is very unconnected. For Loulou Loves You I have always worked straight from my head to the fabric, I don’t draw/design. It seems funny since I draw all the time, but I’ve never actually used them in conjunction! I’ve been making artwork since I was a kid and painting was my first love, now It’s nice to be making time outside working to sit and fill up my sketchbooks and hopefully also get some commissions. I recently did a series of paintings for a boutique that you can buy here http://www.audreygraceshop.com/collections/art

How would you describe your personal style? In both designing and the way you dress yourself!

I can’t deny my own fashion style is primarily super girly, I love lace, pastels, frills, patterns and over accessorising. It’s less common that I wear jeans though I have been recently with this ‘Summer’!I don’t shop a lot so try and make the most of restyling pieces I have and being clever with accessories.
 I am sure the  Loulou Loves You items reflect my own style as I happily wear all of my pieces. In a perfect world I would have a uniform wardrobe of my dream dress in a variety of colours and prints and a few perfect classic pieces.

Do you have any tips for aspiring lingerie designers?

I really believe that we can do anything we want to, I get a lot of emails from people wondering if they might be able to do what I do, and of course you can. One of my personal mantras is ‘Work hard, be nice’ and I feel that working hard is the key to achieving what you want. Don’t expect things to be given to you on a plate but keep learning and working until you get where you want to be. Don’t limit yourself with your dreams, you don’t have to fit into a box. I haven’t taken a lingerie degree or worked in the business for someone else, I’ve just fitted myself in on my own terms so there are always lots of options! If you are starting out as a designer get in contact with other people doing what you do as their is a nice community of independent designers out there who support each other.

Who is your favourite lingerie designer, and what is your favourite personal piece of lingerie that you own?

I love La Perla, but I sadly I don’t own any..yet. My favourite piece of my own is the Vargas Dress in black from Kiss me Deadly, it’s really useful, well fitting and very flattering.

What is your personal favourite from your own collection?

I will always have a soft spot for the Loulou pieces as they were my first designs. I’m also currently loving my newest collection Lydia, I’ve just put out a new colour way - Champagne which is pretty dreamy. Accessory wise I love making the flower headbands as the weaving together of the stems is very calming and different to the attention required for sewing lingerie.

Other than lingerie, what are the other loves of your life?

My biggest passion is healing. I recently set up my new business which is Holistic massage therapy, Reiki healing and Wellness support. I believe the suffering from my illness when I was younger was to enable me to heal others and I’ve been living spiritually and holistically for a long time so now passing on to others - http://louiseandrolia.com  I also work psychically and with tarot so I’m starting to combine those skills as help tools to support others on their life paths.
Loulou Loves You will always be my creative outlet, and I hope to always keep it alive in some form, If i’m not creating, sewing, drawing and dreaming then I feel completely unlike myself!
I’m also a very serious animal enthusiast.

Thank you for your time Loulou! And you can get 15% off with this code "LYDIALOVE"!

- Toots x

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