Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lingerie Inspired Fashion

If you've been reading T&B for a while you'll be fully aware of the fact that I love love love wearing lingerie as outerwear. There's many ways to easily accomplish this look and you'll find in our "How to" tag loads of examples of how you could incorporate lingerie into your outfit, but I thought today I would showcase my favourite images of this being put into practice! Which serves much better than little product pictures too!


I'm not usually a huge fan of the stocking tops on show look, but I feel that it really works with the cut out effect of the dress! (However right now the suspender snob inside me is screaming "only four straps!!") But for the purpose of this look, it works although might not be entirely functional!

Super daring babe right here! I love the layering of the lace knickers and skirt with the caged bra.

Layering of sheer fabrics over retro style lingerie is used so perfectly here!

Kate Moss is always untouchable, but I love the soft, patterned dress with a leather bra over the top! Something I definitely need to invest in now!

Porcelain Black rocking the Marlies Dekkers bra under a shirt mesh top!#

...And I'm gonna throw in some examples of how I've done this in the past just because I can!!

Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Dress with vintage kilt and steel-toe cap boots by Underground!

Leather suspender belt made by myself on top of a leather skirt by H&M!

Harness from Camden, another leather suspender belt made by myself, vintage nightie and Docs.

So there you have it! A few examples of how you can show off your intimates without getting... intimate!

- Toots xox

All images from Pinterest or Google unless otherwise stated
Personal Images from www.t00ts.blogspot.com
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  1. Absolutely wonderful- I especially love the third outfit of yours that you posted!



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