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Frantic About Frances - Grown Up Lingerie for Pin Ups

Gazing at Gilda

Frantic About Frances are a fabulous retro brand that specialise not just in recreating authentic pin up lingerie but in making it fun, quirky and unique. We loved their 'It Takes Allsorts' bullet bra from last season and the new collection is set to be just as popular with Toots & Booty.

FAF's A/W12 collections don't quite represent the usual cheesecake pin up fun and frolic as previous collections. Gazing at Gilda and Envy Enchanted are more grown up thanks to an application of rich jewel tones and sexy sheers.

Envy Enchanted
Frilly bullet bras and playfully adorned high-waisted knickers are still aplenty, providing a gorgeous retro aesthetic across each collection. The only difference is that this is lingerie for pin up women rather than pin up girls. The colours are luxurious and glamourous but if you're really missing those pretty prints that nod towards the ever-so cheeky, Call Me Coral has you covered.

Call Me Coral
The delicate rose print is beautiful when contrasted with black lace and bow trimmings. The triangle bra doesn't look ideal for everyday wear - we'd categorize it with the 'one for the bedroom' lingerie - but it is adorably feminine and the ribbon halter is a lovely touch.

Call Me Coral
You'll be pleased to know that all Frantic About Frances lingerie is made in the UK (in fact, we were delighted to call them one of our Best of British). The collection will be available from 7th September and you'll be able to buy it here. I, personally, can't wait to get my hands on the Gazing at Gilda bullet bra (below).
But in the meantime, check out their online store for a fabulous collaboration with Dupenny - naughty silk knickers!
Gazing at Gilda

And here's a fabulous booty shot because... does it really need an explanation?

Envy Enchanted

- Booty x

Frantic About Frances website

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