Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ouvert and Cupless - What's the deal?


What is the point of lingerie? Is it functional, is it for covering up your boobs and bum, for support? Or is lingerie simply there for the point of being alluring, beautiful, and making you feel like a goddess? I'd like to think it was the latter but I suppose that when lingerie was first created they weren't as forward-thinking. It wasn't until the nineteenth century was lingerie was created as a visually appealing garment. So why do we have lingerie that purposefully doesn't cover nipples and genitals?! Well, here at Toots & Booty I'm all for the idea of being naked whilst also getting to wear the cutest and most beautiful lingerie pieces!

The Ouvert Knicker

The word ouvert comes from the French, meaning "open". This is used in the English language to describe crotchless or bumless(?) garments. While "crotchless" often gives the idea of stringy, cheap underwear that simply doesn't have enough material to cover anything regardless, these cute ouvert's will send you ouvert the moon! Teehee.

Lascivious Kitty Ivory Ouvert
Agent Provocateur Alina Knickers (open at crotch)

Myla Rosalyn Open Back Knicker

Damaris Strip Knicker

Playful Promises Dominique Overt High Waist Knickers

Cupless Bras

Otherwise known as the shelf-bra, cupless bras can be worn with pasties, on their own or even layered up over shirts or other bras!

Ann Summers Camille Turquoise Peep Bra

Bordelle Gia Shelf Bra
Nearer the Moon Oriental Print Cupless Bra

Coco de Mer Bella Lusso Open Bra
Almeida Demi Bra

- Toots xox

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