Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to Dress Up Your Lingerie: Slips!

Okay, so I know what you're thinking: "Oh fab another person who is going to tell me to wear my suspender belt over a skirt or some amateur shit like that" - wrong! There are better ways to flaunt your delicates by far and I think I've pretty much mastered it after realising that some things are just too pretty to be kept under wraps. And since I mentioned one of these in my last post about High Street Lingerie, let me introduce to you, how to wear the slip/babydoll or variations of! First up the Navy Midi from Topshop...

Midi Slip

Midi Slip by tootsandthepurrs featuring a zipper jacket

Okay so this is what I would have styled a dark and long slip like this with for daytime wear, just shopping or just going to the pub. I really wanted to rough it up a bit, it reminds me a little of Courtney Love so with that in mind I teamed it with a leather biker style jacket (Balmain), black Docs (Doc Martens), cheeky fishnet holdups (Jonathon Aston) underneath with dark lipstick (Nars) and lots of Kohl eyeliner (Givenchy). I think altogether this works really well as a daytime outfit. However, if you wanted to dress it up a bit for a night out, I would suggest getting a fistful of safety pins and pinning up the skirt to show off your legs more - it doesn't really matter if it doesn't look perfect, just go with it! I think I would just pin up the front and leave the back to drape. I would also swap the DM's for platform heels (possibly patent) and maybe even swap the fishnets for some seams. 
Next up is Agent Provocateur's Lucienne tulle and lace babydoll...


Agent Provocateur slip

Agent Provocateur slip by tootsandthepurrs featuring a pleated pencil skirt
I love this babydoll! It's so adorable, whether worn inside with matching bra and knickers and hold-ups or outside, like this! It's really very short so I thought it would go best with a similarly coloured pencil skirt underneath or a bodycon skirt so that you aren't flashing your bum everywhere (that's being saved for later). The skirt is from Donna Karan and I love it! It looks gorgeous, but I'm sure there are cheaper options in many other retail shops! I wanted to keep in with the sweet and innocent look of the babydoll so I have also paired it with heart earrings and roses to wear in your hair! It would look cute with 50s curls and a rose pinning back one side, or with victory rolls with tiny roses to go either side! I think also it is important to play down the make-up with this look so I have chosen a liquid eyeliner which could be used for cat-eye flicks. I would also pair this with stockings and probably a peach coloured or pale suspender belt to match the rest of the outfit! I would also recommend wearing a peach coloured bra for this kind of babydoll as it is pretty sheer, or a similar colour to the one you might choose to wear. To sex it up a bit, platform pumps in a matching colour, or ballet pumps if you don't want to wear heels! If you're short like me, you could perhaps even go without the pencil skirt as the babydoll would probably still come up short but not as much on us little ones! Thick black tights would probably look better with this! Now for a bit of vintage!

Vintage Pastel Night Slip

Vintage nightslip

Vintage nightslip by tootsandthepurrs featuring a gingham bikini
I decided on a vintage nightslip for this last one as they are very easy to find similar ones! This one is from Rokit. I love the baby blue colour and the gathering into the white lace at the top! Seeing as summer is just around the corner (sort of) I thought this would be amazing as a dress to wear over your beach clothes and down to the cocktail bar! As the colour is so beautiful I kept with similar shades to pull the entire thing together. I love this mint gingham bikini from Topshop which would go underneath and just be able to peek through the chiffon! Also these Jeffrey Campbell shoes give it some extra oomph! I love wedges especially for the summer and these are just perfect, a good amount of height and beautiful colours! I would also pair this with this gorgeous shell necklace so you can pretend to be a mermaid! I added the belt in case you wanted to nip in your waist as some don't suit the "sack dress" look. Lots of licks of waterproof mascara are a must too!
So that concludes my first "How to" post! Hopefully you found this beneficial and next week I will be featuring another type of clothing for you to dress up into your daily wear! (I'm sorry if this post seems scatty, I'm running on back-up fuel at the moment as I've just gotten back from a long tiresome day at uni!)

- Toots 

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